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What does b2b and SEO have to do with each other?

B2B means Business to Business, but what’s the deal with SEO in it?

B2B is all about businesses, buying and selling goods and services, basically trade exchanges, communities, and promoting products and services business to business. SEO is about promoting online businesses, and often that requires trading links and being part of directories and link exchanges. While SEO does not have to trade links, and most smart or past SEO companies don’t do that. Do you see the similarities between SEO and b2b yet? Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s there was a lot of hype around business vortals as people called them. They were business portals for vertical business segments, such as SteelNet or AlmuniumNet. But what problems were these websites or portals trying to adress? B2B Exchanges such as Alibaba, TradeKey, and others have come a long way. What do these sites really do except for pass on leads to sellers and buyers. B2C is the second cousin of B2B and we actually used the term B2b2C, business to business to consumers. So in the world of SEO, which really is the #1 keyword in my opinion for Business marketing, it ties the whole purpose of b2b. Which is to enable business to business commerce, which is greatly enabled by Google as a platform, not just a search engine.

Google has become probably the biggest and best intermediary of information, all information not just consumer. B2b aspects of Google and it’s search and information indexing have to do with small businesses utilizing the Adwords advertising program to advertise all over the internet, not just on Google’s search site, but on millions of blogs, business directories, shopping sites, you name it you can advertise on the internet unlike ever before. So the advertisers now have the largest variety of sites and pools to advertise on.

Now imagine thousands and millions of online businesses and models that have sprouted from this advertising (business promotion) engine. Starting to see the connection of SEO and b2b yet? Businesses buy and sell services to each other not just consumers right? Well millions of businesses are doing that through the google adwords, but wait that is only half of it. Imagine online businesses, blogs, or websites, that could not find enough advertisers to advertise on their websites, having a way to generate revenues. yes, that is what the Google b2b exchange does that for them, Google AdSense allows any blog or website or businesses to place ads and make money. It’s pay for performance, so the more customers business blogs or websites have the more money it makes. SEO is the art and science of getting ranked in search engines and getting organic traffic. Some businesses have learned that Organic SEO is 5 times as effective for ads to gain targeted traffic. While click through and conversion rates for ads tends to be a little better than organic SEO, a 3.5 for ads versus 3.07 for SEO traffic. But the five times as much traffic certainly makes up for the small difference in coversion ratios.

So b2b advertising exchange of Googles adwords to buy ads, and sell ads via adsense complete’s the full spectrum of the supply and demand channels of businesses. Because what do businesses do, they buy stuff, and they sell stuff, and any b2b platform has to accomplish that. Now our online marketplace is setup just for businesses, really it is already a b2b exchange of 24000 businesses in the US and Canada. Our marketplace has 31 categories ranging from Jewelry to Automobile to Industrial businesses. There are 300million dollars worth of transactions being completed through the ITEX trade exchange. Hopefully our b2b exchange with the SEO skills of our team will grow that to billions of dollars that is already being done off-line. What is our niche, and the main value of our online marketplace? read more next time..this is a blog not a commercial:-)

B2B means Business to Business, but what's the deal

B2B is all about businesses, buying and selling goods and services. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's there was a lot of hype around business vortals as people called them. They were business portals for vertical business segments, such as SteelNet or AlmuniumNet. But what problems were these websites or portals trying to adress? B2B Exchanges such as Alibaba, TradeKey, and others have come a long way. What do these sites really do except for pass on leads to sellers and buyers. B2C is the second cousin of B2B and we actually used the term B2b2C, business to business to consumers. So a B2B
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B2b eCommerce and Online Marketplaces explained

On my morning walks I usually think of what I am going to do for the day, the specific tasks etc for our blogging platform, for the ITEX Barter System, and often what the days blog post is going to be about. As a professional SEO and Marketing expert, I have to tie every thing back those points and provide helpful tips for online businesses. Because if you are not an online business, I don’t really care about you, just kidding. I care about you, but I would care more about you if you were one the Online businesses using our online marketplace. So folks todays topic is about B2B, what is it and why an online marketplace for online businesses? To make my point stronger, I would love to cite any professors papers on the subject, the b2b eCommerce trends etc. To do that, I was luck to find the following report. Here it is, I am going to give you the abstract version, not the full details, and high light in Bold the most important aspect. This is basically as long as I would want to read, to give you enough detail, it is still long.


Mahesh S. Raisinghani , Ph.D., CEC
University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management

Hanns-Christian L. Hanebeck, Dipl.-Kfm.
University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management


This article investigates the interface between the exchange relationship in the digital economy and the emerging and continuously improving wireless technology. Exchanges become highly relevant when we look at how collaborative processes are performed. A special emphasis is placed on enabling collaboration between multiple business partners. In most cases, companies require standardization of information flows and business processes to be able to collaborate. Here, trading platforms, private and public exchanges will play a much more important role due to their increased ease-of-use (as opposed to EDI for example). The key line of thought is that collaboration is essentially based on information sharing, information sharing enables exception management, exception management relies on near real-time data, and real-time data can be collected through wireless technologies. The key ideas of online marketplaces are discussed along with the evolution and future of exchanges in the digital economy, to help management rethink the exchange relationship in the digital economy.

B2B is about connecting the existing buyer and sellers. It is not a disintermediation play. It is about intelligently implementing Internet technology to improve business processes.
The online B2B market across the world is increasing in value rapidly, but there are some hurdles and limitations to be met in the near future. The report, from Strategy Analytics (an international research and consulting firm), notes that s global B2B e-commerce transactions will grow from $226 billion in 2001 to $2.02 trillion in 2006 [Bellomy 2002].

The B2B eCommerce revolution includes eProcurement, B2B exchanges, and business infrastructure relationships. eProcurement involves firms selling supplies, equipment, materials, and services with a streamlined online purchasing function that often eliminates traditional intermediaries, thereby reducing costs and cycle times
while offering greater flexibility and responsiveness to changes in demand. Web-based supply chain management networks improve coordination between trading partners by linking a firm’s forecasting and production planning systems with its suppliers’ and distributors’ systems. They can create dramatic savings and quality improvements.
B2B exchanges include various categories of market spaces, including vertical market portals (”vortals”), hubs, and various types of auctions.

A single Infomediary (industry consortium or 3rd party) brings together many buyers and sellers within a specific vertical market, such as plastics, steel, or industrial chemicals, charging a commission on all transactions. Hundreds of industry-specific exchanges have now been launched, and more are being developed every day. Some of these ‘market spaces’ operate with posted pricing models, while others employ collaborative negotiated prices, auctions, reverse auctions, Dutch auctions, and other pricing mechanisms. Many are used in spot markets for industrial materials, overstocks, and perishable goods, as well as business services transactions. More important is the development of entirely new eBusiness infrastructure industries. Many firms support online activity by facilitating the interaction between various parties in eCommerce as preferred outsourcers for eBusiness processes. They have become integral to the effective operation of Internet-based activities and may account for the largest source of profits from the future growth of eCommerce. They provide digital content or improve its delivery, bring new customers to websites, finance acquisitions, and provide many other services. They include application services providers, content maximizers, wireless service providers, and payment processors.

The key questions addressed in this paper are: What does the exchange landscape look like in the digital economy and what can be inferred from the past to chart the direction and value proposition for the future? This paper is structured as follows: Following this introduction, we will describe the characteristics and differentiators of online marketplaces followed by the evolution of e-marketplaces. In the next section we conduct an in-depth assessment of e-marketplaces and discuss event management and wireless-enabled exchanges. The concluding section tracks the transforming future of exchanges in the digital economy and provides a summary of the more general lessons, in terms of rethinking the exchange relationship in the digital economy.

Online Marketplaces: Characteristics and Differentiators

The possible forms of B2B marketplace are point-to-point connections (extranet), or e-marketplaces (Independent Trading Exchange (ITE)). As shown in figure 1, e-marketplaces can be either one-to-many or many-to-many environments. The key pricing mechanisms are fixed/static pricing (i.e., catalog-type/aggregator sales), and
dynamic/variable pricing which includes both exchanges and auctions where price is negotiated in real time. An auction is one buyer and many sellers, or one seller and many buyers, whereas an exchange is many buyers and many sellers. However, caution is advised since almost everything is calling itself an exchange. Most are simply catalogs where buyers can search across multiple suppliers.
Buyer Auction Exchange
Seller Auction

Traditional Electronic Relationship


Fig. 1: Types of E-Marketplaces

As online marketplaces proliferate, a bewildering array of subvarieties and hybrid exchange models will emerge. Here the term ìmodelî is referred to as a general case through a typological meta model (as illustrated in figure 1) and then we discuss the distinguishing characteristics of models. These variants can be distilled into six
primary flavors of online marketplaces, serving both the B2B and B2C markets [Kaplan and Sawhney 2000; Bakos 1991; Malone et al. 198]:
1) Online Buying Services
2) Auctions
3) Functional Exchanges
4) Vertical Exchanges
5) Industry-Sponsored Exchanges
6) Net Markets

The salient characteristic shared by all six is that they increase the ease with which buyers perform one or many steps of the purchasing process, from product consideration to demand generation through to the transaction itself.
Specifically, online marketplaces deliver:
• Price and product transparency (i.e., the ability to easily locate and compare products and prices).
• Supplier and seller discovery, or the ability to aggregate demand and supply.
• Convenient and reliable transactions, by matching buyer and seller orders, and enabling a wide variety of pricing and market-making mechanisms.
Ultimately, value-added services to enhance the selling process, including logistics, inventory management, financing, forecasting, advertising, catalog management, and more.

Raisinghani & Hanebeck: Rethinking B2B E-Marketplaces and Mobil Commerce
Information Service


Fig. 2: Four dimensions of E-Marketplaces

As shown in figure 2, each type of marketplace differs fundamentally along four axes:
1. Level of information provided (e.g., price, availability, and range of substitutes).
2. Breadth of services offered (e.g., quality assurance, financing credit risk, and customer support).
3. Type of market-making mechanism (i.e., the way transactions occur, such as Dutch auctions,
reverse auctions, real-time transactions, and collaborative negotiations).
4. Enabling technology (e.g., web shopping agents, content management, levels of database, and transaction infrastructure).

Next the taxonomy of online marketplaces, i.e., its six flavors are described in detail below:

Online Buying Services
These services offer support during the awareness and demand generation phases of the selling process. Specifically, they provide price and product transparency (e.g., via shopping agents and comparison sites), buyer and seller discovery (e.g., shopping agents, price aggregators and industry catalogs), and quality recommendation and selection aides (e.g., analyst and review sites). Online buying services are targeted primarily to B2C markets, such as big-ticket consumer retail (e.g., electronics) and one-of-a-kind novelty purchases, as well as small business markets. The individual services that make up online buying services will be absorbed into more mature exchanges and net markets over time. Examples include mySimon,, and CNET.

Auctions are online markets that aggregate demand and match buyers and sellers for a wide range of B2B and B2C products. They employ a variety of market-making mechanisms (e.g., reverse, Dutch, English, and sealed-bid auctions) to meet specific business objectives such as demand aggregation and price maximization. Auctions serve B2B, B2C, and C2C markets, including retail, novelty, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) purchases, distressed inventory/perishables, spot purchases of commodities and raw materials, and secondhand capital equipment. In the B2B space, auctions are generally targeted to small business customers that lack both purchase power and sophisticated purchasing operations. Examples include (auction) and Mercata (demand aggregator).

Vertical Exchanges
Vertical exchanges are trusted intermediaries that facilitate B2B e-commerce with vertical market and product-specific expertise. They offer real-time pricing and complete product information. Eventually, they are to offer a range of value-added services across an array of vertical markets (e.g., MRO, spot purchases of commodities and raw materials, capital equipment, secondary markets, distressed inventory and perishables, and some direct materials such as semi-finished and engineered products). Examples of vertical exchanges include and FreeMarkets.

Functional Exchanges
Functional exchanges are trusted intermediaries that facilitate mostly B2B e-commerce involving process, functional, or channel-specific expertise. These exchanges market an array of primary services or solutions that automate or support specific business functions or processes (such as HR benefits or energy management). Functional exchanges offer real-time pricing, complete product information, and value-added services. Examples include tradehub and

Industry-Sponsored Exchanges
Limited to B2B commerce, these exchanges have equity participation or sponsorship from major industry buyers and (frequently) technology partners as well. They act as intermediaries to facilitate B2B e-commerce in industries with high concentrations of buying power. Industry-sponsored exchanges offer the same range of services as other exchanges, including real-time pricing, complete product information, and value-added services and information. Over time, these exchanges will accommodate more highly engineered products and direct materials. Examples include COVISINT (the GM-Ford-DaimlerChrysler joint venture) and Globalnet Exchange.

Net Markets
The holy grail of online marketplaces will be Net markets, or federated Net markets. These markets are sophisticated networks and combinations of online marketplaces that will emerge over the next three years. Net markets will develop from the quilting of functional and vertical exchange capabilities and expertise, and the assembly of value-added services across the supply chain (e.g., logistics, inventory, demand forecasting). This type of market will deliver more value-added services and will require high levels of buyer collaboration to conduct complex transactions. Because Net markets will demand the integration of many industry supply chains and the coordination of multiple large and small markets, they will not mature for several years. In the short term, each of these online marketplaces creates value by facilitating the sharing of information about products and pricing, matching many buyers and sellers and improving the ease and speed of transactions. Longer term, value will arise from greater levels of purchase-process integration and through the delivery of value-added information and services.

Vertical hubs with market focus in industries such as plastics, steel, chemicals, paper, telecom and so forth. Vertical Net operates over 40 exchanges that attempt to serve nearly all facets of one niche industry, such as Chemical Online, a chemical industry portal; MachineToolsOnline, a machining industry portal; and Aerospace Online, an aerospace industry portal.

Horizontal or functional hubs may ìhorizontallyî cross several different vertical hubs, while providing vital services to different industries with process focus such as logistics management; maintenance, repair, and operations
(MRO) goods or services procurement; project/capacity/HR/credit management; or auction applications. A private exchange is driven by a single seller or buyer and it typically involves a company automating its own supply chain. The customer base and participation is generally open to suppliers or customers of the company. Companies that have perfected this model include Dell, Cisco, and Wal-Mart. A public exchange is an industry consortium or a third-party dot-com forming an entity (such as Covisint and e-Steel) to aggregate the buying behavior of a group of buyers and their suppliers, with an emphasis on the buy side.

The Evolution of B2B E-Marketplaces
The evolution and diffusion of B2B e-marketplaces has occurred in three distinct waves [Berryman and Heck 2001; Swahney 2001].

In the first wave of B2B, there were approximately 1,000 independent online marketplaces for commodities such as paper and steel (e.g., PaperExchange and e-Steel) to specialized components such as airplane parts (e.g., Unfortunately, most of these independent, fee-based marketplaces such as inc. and Ventro Corp.ís Chemdex and Promedix were not able to maintain their liquidity since a
few large organizations that generated most of the transaction volume could negotiate with the suppliers and vendors on their own and save the transaction fees. Others, such as Vertical Net Inc. and SciQuest Inc. have transformed their business models from charging fees for online B2B transactions to positioning themselves as B2B software
vendors [Hicks 2001].


Rethinking B2B Marketplaces(PDF)

The possible forms of B2B marketplace are point-to-point connections (extranet) relationships, and decent profits for sellers since unlike B2B marketplaces,

**A few points to remember, we placed the abstract part of this report for detailed definition of b2b and online marketplace. We think you should go download the full report if you want to the full scope of the report. This is a blog, so we chose to shorten, and we are not the authors of this report. Also, we write this blog so we could provide information on the topics, and therefore the links go back to our Online Marketplace. We are partially owned by the barter system of ITEX, there are 24,000 businesses that are part of our b2b trade exchange, so we know a thing or two about building an online marketplace. Thanks for reading all of our blogs and commenting, as always we really, really appreciate your feedback. Best Wishes!

Fw: A hundred versus a million.. Hillary Clinton fans up to dirty tricks?

Are the Hillary Clinton fans up to dirty tricks? You decide, read on!
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The so-called "American Leadership Project" will take unlimited contributions from individuals and is organized the same way as the infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.
ABC News reports that this group is seeking 100 Clinton supporters to each give $100,000 to fund its $10 million effort to promote Senator Clinton and "contrast" her positions with Barack Obama's.
That's the opposite of how politics should work, and the opposite of how Barack Obama has run this campaign.
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Yet here we have a committee that springs up on the eve of an election, promotes a specific candidate, and has no history or apparent purpose of lobbying specific issues outside the benefit to the candidate of these communications.
This raises a number of legal and ethical issues, but more than anything it reveals an attitude towards politics as a game that is played to win at all costs.
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From: Barack Obama
Subject: Major news
Vipin --
We learned something extraordinary since I wrote to you last night.
We've crunched all the numbers and discovered that we are within striking distance of something historic: one million people donating to this campaign.
Think about that ... nearly one million people taking ownership of this movement, five dollars or twenty-five dollars at a time.
We're already more than 900,000 strong, including over half-a-million donating so far this year. This unprecedented foundation of support has built a campaign that has shaken the status quo and proven that ordinary people can compete in a political process too often dominated by special interests.
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But even though the odds were stacked against them, they discovered that by coming together with one voice, they could no longer be ignored.
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We knew it wouldn't be easy.
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Thank you so much,


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SEO and Yahoo's search marketing keyword tool

To get ideas for a blog post for today, I was reading Seth Godin’s book “The big Moo”, it’s quite good, not just for Internet marketing, but for SEO too. But I really wanted to write about our new Market Place, that has built in SEO so your online businesses get promoted. 8950652_25837761_young_female_restaurant_photo_blog.jpgSo much of SEO is rooted in Internet Marketing and vice versa, did also know that the Keywords are almost searched just as much, about 1.8 million searches a month or more. So my idea for writing a blog on SEO was about our Online Marketplace, but I have to write about the Yahoo Keyword Search tool. So do go read the Seth Godin book, he is a marketing genius and quite inspiring. One of the ideas that I got from him, was that comprise 2100141_13886240_lawyers01-photo-blog.jpgoften slows down innovation. Leaders and management have to deal with issues of compromise all the time, especially in the era of employee retention. The key is to innovate and be unique, can’t please all of the people all of the time, so go be a rogue cowboy or whatever suits your fancy, go Innovate, but promote your online businesses in our online marketplace.

And this SEO blog you are reading is ranked #42 for “SEO” in Google as of today. Why is that, because so many of your download these wonderful SEO blog templates and give us links back, and visit this blog often. So keep doing that, and we will keep providing you valuable insights and tools to help you promote your businesses.

Here is a tip for the day, some of you know that Yahoo’s Search Marketing Keyword tool became defunct last year. They have launched a new version at, check it out and click on the #3 Tab on the right, for the budget tab. Than you can type in your Keywords you want to SEO and it will give you a specific number of how many impressions, clicks and budget you should forecast for. 413287_85411458_dentist_photo-blog2.jpgI noticed it two days ago, so I am thankful for the keywords search tool. While the old tool was much better, the fact that it broke and had outdated information, it was of no use at all.

Why do I like the Yahoo SEO search tool better than the Google ad words tool? I don’t, but it does have one fair advantage, it gives you specific information about the keywords you are searching for. For Example on the Yahoo tool, it says SEO is searched for about 596,000 times today, times that by 5 and you get the idea. What is the hottest thing in Internet marketing, SEO, and our blogging website? It’s our Online marketplace in collaboration with ITEX Barter System. 5056341_53295529_lawyers_photo-blog.jpgWe are starting to get ranked in the top 15 in Google for Online Marketplace, b2b marketplace, business marketplace etc. The key to promoting your business is to be found on the search engines and to sell products where the buyers are, such as eBay and Amazon, that is why they are so successful. Yes, this is a weakness of our system, but we are less than 1 month old on this project. The items for sales in the online marketplace has over 5,000 items from 24,000 businesses. Just so you are aware, these items are all barter items for trade or exchange from ITEX members, you can join ITEX and start trading today for no cost. Or you can place your items for sale or list your business in our directory and it will get an amazing level of SEO value and traffic to your website. 1308831_98413705_restaurant_photo_blog3.jpgThis marketplace is not just for Barter items, but for all online businesses, suppose it can be for off-line businesses too, but why would an off-line busenesses promote online? Ah, it’s called promotion, duh:-). We built it with Search Engine friendly URL’s, title tags, and a ton of SEO promotion, because we get indexed and rank high many ways. You will find out online marketplace to be ranked in the top 5 within Google and start to get traffic to your site.

We are starting to launch the first three categories of local businesses such as massage therapists, lawyers, dentists, and restaurants. Here are some pictures that we will use within each online marketplace landing pages and categories, enjoy. They are from and, as some of you know we use them all the time, as is free for blogging sites and individuals to use. 5508401_32449875_restaurant_gourmet_collage_photo-blog.jpg So if you want to promote your online businesses, you certainly want to place a free listing in our online marketplace, but if you want to try Barter check out too!

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Look in to his eyes, when he blinks a lot he is lieing, McCain Lied, Obama won!

I saw those blinking eyes in John Mccain, when he talked about the Eloquent speeches of Obama. He said Eloquent calls for change with empty promises. When they look down, quickly they are embarassed. When those same eyes look to the right and top, those eyes are being creative, looking for maybe lies, new things. When the eyes blink quickly, the body tells us the person has no conviction.

When a person looks at you straight in the eyes, they are focused. Maybe honest too! Paul Bagala just said Hillary's speech was an old one, and that Attacks are good for politics. Attacks can make you better or weaker, and Paul Bagala (The Clinton Suppoprter) just said it made Obama Better. All of you McCain supporters, do your self a favor, don't argue with me, just read about Blinking eyes of liers. Or how to read facial behavior for lies, and yes tonight Feb 19, McCain was lieing about how American people don't like eloquent speeches and Obama. American people the Majority Love Obama, Black, White, Latino, E. Indian, Chinese, Asian, We love Obama!

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Branding your online businesses and blogs

Believe it or not, the Title tag says a lot about the branding of your businesses, as it is the first word that shows up in the Google Search results. And your company name should be the first word in your title tags and SEO efforts. But they should not be the only words in your title tags. Smart SEO consultants will use : colons as they are called right after the brand name. After that the most important keywords, do limit them to 10-12 though, and use them again in a sentence in your Meta Description tags. These are the two most important aspects of building your brand and your online businesses. This blog made me think of a great blog our blogging coach wrote last summer enjoy:

Branding Your Blog: Five Questions To Ask Yourself

Branding a blog is not unlike branding a business - you want to design a brand that encapsulates your core characteristics, that makes you stand out from the crowd, and that sums up your philosophy. I’m not talking about pretty logos or a memorable slogan, however. In order to succeed in the age of Web 2.0, your brand/blog must be dynamic, beneficial and/or entertaining - or preferably all three. Today’s readers are savvy, demanding, and fickle, so there has to be substance behind the hype if you want your message to stick.

When you begin your blog, ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I want to say? Try to narrow your message down to a few sentences. Think of it as a blogging mission statement (you can put this on your about page).

2. What do I have to offer? What unique skills and knowledge do you have to share with your readers? How can someone benefit by reading your blog? This can can become the basis for your cornerstone content.

3. What is my niche? No one can be all things to all people, so focus on what you can do well. Define your niche so that your blog and brand can be tailored to it (this is also important for SEO purposes, as it helps you to focus on the best possible keywords).

4. Is this sustainable in the long run? Do I have enough to say on this topic to maintain a blog? If you are blogging about your business, (hopefully), you’ll be very passionate about it and have more than enough to say. Remember that creating a successful blog, like a successful brand, requires time and commitment.

5. What sets you apart from the competition? What makes you and your business stand out? Can you describe in a few words? Why should someone read your blog?

As an example, here are the answers for this blog:

1. What do I want to say? In a nutshell, I help bloggers make their blog better; in particular, I teach to people use blogging to promote their businesses.

2. What do I have to offer? A finely honed writing ability combined with an knowledge of new media and web 2.0 topics, and an awareness of trends in the blogging community. Plus, I’m patient, friendly, and a good teacher.

3. What is my niche? Yes, I’m one of the many who blogs about blogging, but I’m focused on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create compelling content and maximize the potential of their blogs.

4. Is this sustainable in the long run? Definitely. I clearly have lots to say, and the blogging community is incredibly dynamic and innovative, so there are always new topics to cover and lots of blog fodder. I’ve developed blogs before, so I understand the time commitment. Finally, blogging is something I’m passionate about on a personal level, because starting a blog literally changed my life (ultra quick summary - I was planning on going into a completely different field after I got my B.A., but I started a fashion blog as a hobby, fell in love with the world of blogging and online media, and the rest is history).

5. What sets you apart from the competition? I consider myself a writer as well as a blogger (just because the web is more informal medium than print doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t put my best face, or posts, forward), and I teach people to use their blogs as a means of active communication, connection, and involvement with their readers/markets instead of just a promotional tool. I’m in this to help other people succeed.

This post is being submitted to ChrisG on New Media’s Branding Round-up, so click the link for more posts on branding and how it relates to new media.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Partnering with and best Seattle Wedding Photographer

Our Friend Eric Sartoris just won an award as the Best Seattle Wedding Photographer, but that’s not the main reason we are writing this blog. We are partnering with him to launch a photo sharing and wedding photography site @ He is not only one of the best Seattle Wedding photographers, but he was visionary enough to get the URL years ago. I guess it takes a visionary to be the best Seattle wedding photographer. By the way the award by given by an association of the Seattle Wedding photography, sorry don’t know the exact name of the group. But if you Google Seattle wedding photography association you will find it!

Here are some posts and photos from Eric’s blog, enjoy the Wedding photos:

Janelle and Ron - February 8th, 2008

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Janelle and Ron married on a wet and windy evening, but the party inside The Vault was incredibly warm and loving, filled with their adoring friends and family. It was amazing to see how much all the little ones had grown since photographing Janelle’s sister Colleen’s wedding, last summer.

jr0095.jpg jr0537.jpg



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Darcy and Jeff - December 29th, 2007

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dj10971.jpgWanna know a place that doesn’t suck? Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Darcy and Jeff chose the opulent Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort in Cabo, to host their stunning destination wedding ceremony. While it was snowing here in Seattle, Darcy and Jeff, along with their 85 guests, enjoyed the Mariachi band, golfing, deep-sea fishing and (of course) the incredible 80 degree weather in Cabo. The ceremony took place at sunset, in front of the most gorgeous backdrop imaginable. Did we mention there were whales breaching?! dj08521.jpg dj00601.jpg dj12491.jpg dj13501.jpg

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Talin and Mark - October 6th, 2007

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mt0487.jpgMark and Talin are the kind of people who can say that they met during a serendipitous weekend trip to Boston, followed by late-night long-distance calls, a cross-country move for love, and a proposal atop Mt. Si, without evoking so much as a raised eyebrow. They just ooze adventure and fun! They got married at the Golf Club at Newcastle. Talin wore a gorgeous gown from Marcella’s La Boutique. Janel Schlitt from Occasions, LLC. managed this magnificent event, which featured both a dj, and a band: Greg Lowder from Affairs to Remember, plus Emmanuel del Casal and his crew from Smooth Groove Productions. mt0057.jpgmt0139.jpg


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Maureen and Kyle - September 2nd, 2007

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km0220.jpgMaureen and Kyle knew right away that they were meant for each other. She told her friend he was the man she’d marry, after three weeks! While she was studying Arabic in Cairo, Egypt, Kyle flew there to surprise her, and proposed during dinner on the Red Sea. km0267.jpg Their wedding took place at St. Francis Church, and their indoor/outdoor reception took place at the Seattle Yacht Club. Instead of a cake, they filled oatmeal cookies with cheesecake filling, honoring Cheesy Eddie’s - a famous bakery in Rochester, where Kyle grew up. The bridesmaids stacked the cookies into a cake shape, for a fun and unique alternative to a traditional cake. km0290.jpg We had so much fun, making lots of time for a variety of pictures - from beautiful formal church photographs to edgy downtown urban shots to romantic waterfront images amongst the yachts… Dad’s immaculately restored 1950’s Chevy pick-up added some wonderful color, as well.km0065.jpg

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Alyssa and Brian - August 18th, 2007

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ba0065.jpgAlyssa and Brian fell in love while swing-dancing to hip-hop. Brian proposed at Chateau St. Michelle, and they were married at the Farm Kitchen just outside of Poulsbo, which has one of the prettiest backdrops for a garden wedding. Elthea Farr from Cloud City Coffee made the cake. Alyssa’s dress was a Mori Lee, with added beading by Darcy Martin-Lenay, for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! There was a behind-the-scenes “don’t tell the bride” snafu, when Alyssa’s stepfather made it all the way to Bainbridge on the ferry before realizing he didn’t have his suit. A nearby Men’s Wearhouse saved the day… I guarantee it.ba0367.jpg ba0480.jpg

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Renea and Dan - April 28th, 2007

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rd429.jpg Renea and Dan chose the natural setting of Mountain Springs Lodge for their wedding. rd247.jpgrd201.jpg

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