Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Hype of real estate blogs, Wikis or Tikkis, now what's next?

When is someone going to sell me a house, sell a listing of mine, and get some work done. My family does have some lots for sale in Seattle Queen Anne Real Estate for .$1,050,000.00 sound and gold course views, wanna buy, do ya, do ya, do ya? Does that sound like a Donkey sales rep? No one is really that bad, are they, well maybe there a few real estate agents who are an ass. Most real estate agents work hard for their money, and I respect them highly. Having been a real estate agent in Seattle, and a very good one, mind you, I do respect the great honorable women and men who work very hard for their clients in a very serious emotionally charged stressful decisions. So for all of you, good people, and for techy nerds, let me rip on the Nerds today, if I may.

I THINK MOST OF MY TECHY NERDY FREINDS WHO are chasing the real estate commission dollars, don't be an ass. Techies need to think of helping people first, and I see them often thrashing others, being egotistical, and being too hot shotish. We/They need to be nice to all parties to really succeed, agents/buyers/sellers or they will not survive.

I think the real estate technology hype cycle has bloomed for this spring. I am on this real estate blog, and than that one, and next I am reading about some techy nerds talking about Real Estate Wikki's this and that, ouch, my brain hurts. I gave my self a serious headache tonight folks, reading about all of these real estate technologies. Here is a confession, I use to be laughed at by the nerds at my middle school in Minnesota, I was worst than them in the hierarchy of popularity.

The nerds even had more friends than me, thank God things got different in highschool and in college it's funny how a few french classes and a trip to france will do for your image..

In the computer labs in late 80's, I was chased by the nerds or whomever could catch me, for my tech skills and asked to help them debug code. I wanted to run so far away from techy circles back than, and I still do. But, I love technology, especially if it helps people. I owe most of my life's work to technology and business sales skills. So I want to be fair, I am weird as you can tell, I love writing on my blackberry, addicted to this crackberry as they use to call it, back in 2001.

Mostly, I love beautiful design and solving problems better than writing code. If you have not seen our most proud work for our Nashville Real Estate agent site, please visit it @, we are so proud of the work our beautiful designer did on that. Going back to our tech skills, our real estate idx systems are not bad either. I would be the first to say many others have better technology, but are they prettier?

Back to tech, I have been seen reading a algorithm book, or a Apache book or too, to figure out solutions to my/our tech problems. This week, I was reading about crossing the Chasm, and thought about the issues of technology marketing that Regis and Moore talked about, 15 years ago. Back in the late 90's I remember working with the McKenna Group will I was at Gartner Group handling that account. We helped them with some IT research on their IBM Global Services strategy, those folks are very smart. So why am I writing about the trends, Nerds, Techies, Wikki's, Tikki's? Well, I am considered to be a techy by most people, and I think I am too technical.

In business and in success in life it's not the latest and the greatest technology that helps people. It's the adoption of technology, at the right time, by the right group of people that solves problems. I was lucky to start to Blog back in 2003, and learn about real estate IDX and real estate websites. I saw start, Redfin early great days, and Zillow. I even told some people about some other cool web tools such, etc. I don't claim to be a real estate tech guru, and I certainly know enough to see through the BS. I did tell a couple to start blogging and do a real estate website, and my attorney to blog with Keywords for his law topic, and now he is top ranked of 400,000,000 search results. I think we and our friend Tim O'Keefe are very good at Real Estate SEO, And Search Engine Optimization and Real Estate marketing.

I spent some tonight researching some Real Estate IDX companies, some real estate website partners, and some real estate agent websites. I was impressed by some, shocked at the slow speed, and bad design of others. I wish we could expand our beautiful real estate website designs to every real estate agent in the US, and do it for free. I really do, I think the money can be made in so many way, but I want to spread the beautiful designs to websites and web solutions. Isn't it time that website design and functionality didn't have a conflict of interest.

Shall we have a contest for the most Beautiful Real Estate websites in the US, by city? Shall we offer a prize to the Winners, what shall the Prize be? Recognition and The First Annual Beautiful XoomPad Awards, with a Certification of Platinum Awards, and maybe even Free SEO coaching for 6 months?


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Winners Win without Keeping Score

How can you not be happy for Zach Johnson - this virtual no-name kid from Iowa who won golf's most prestigious event? He shows us all why humility is such a wonderful quality. In the post-match interview he seemed delightful and well-liked by all. He thanked his caddy, he thanked the fans, he thanked - on this blustery Easter Sunday - Jesus for helping him follow his dreams.

Honored to be wearing the green jacket, proud of the accomplishment, and thankful to all, Zach continued to teach us how the heart of a champion is often found in unlikely packages. He said something very peculiar - claiming that he didn't even know he was atop the leader board until walking down the 17th fairway. To him and his caddy, it was more important to "play their own game", to focus on the task at hand, and not worry about points. He knew he needed to execute - and execution requires blocking out the shouts from the gallery, the heavy gusts, the chilly temperatures - and just go out there and do what you do best.

It's the love of the game - the love of perfection. And it's no wonder that when you come across winners, it turns out that they love the game just that much more than your average player - and that's what gives them that competitive edge.

I love technology. I love real estate. I love playing the game. I'm proud of our accomplishments at and Not to sound cliche, but it's truly loving what you do that makes you successful in your endeavors. I was driving around yesterday and noticed these beautiful properties for sale, came back to look them over again today, thought about how much I would love to lead a team of investors in playing the real estate game again. Playing and winning.

It's not as difficult as it may sound - some smarts, some strategy, a touch of humility, and most of all, the love of the game, and you can be a champion too.


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