Friday, January 02, 2009

Funeral Planning site?

Kind of crazy that I am sitting here writing a blog to promote Funeral Planning? Why would anyone do such a thing, oh not funeral planning silly. Why would anyone write about a funeral planning site. Well, here is the deal folks, I am helping to promote a friends website that does Funeral Planning. Well, they actual don't do funeral planning, they provide the funeral tools so that you can plan your own funeral? Well not really, it would be for you to plan the funerals of the loved ones, who have gone to the great beyond.

Ah, blogging to promote your website, what a novel idea? Yes and that is what we teach/preach on our marketing book. So why not do some funeral planning and save your friends and family some money!

My morning jacket, great song

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Steve Rubel on how blogs are changing the face of PR -

The link above will take you to the great article. Of course we have
been sayinnt this for a long time.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Larry Elders is a an Idiot

If Larry Elders did not make an ass out of himself on CNN today, I
don't know how any one could deny it. Larry was over emotional,
violentaly defensive and tried to blame the Democratic party for ring
racist. Larry Elder you are a loser without a political party.

Everyone knows that the majority of the Republican parties
conservative wing is racist. Just look at how ugly and offensive they
are to minorities and international people. They also are the least
educated and least culturally sensitive. They, the republicans are
also dumb as far international politics, business, and blame
everything on poor minorities. Hey Larry did you forget that
conservatives an republicans blame re financial banks mess on poor
minority inner city home buyers. Dude get over it, maybe the letters
CDO's and deregulation mean anything to you.

I know why you are angry, because you recently found out that your
nasty racist party, the Republicans did not let you win - vote as an
African American! Stop being bitter you angry old man, just be nice.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Success by perspiration don't blame past Karma

I have had a string of business failures the last few companies. But
before that I had a big win, when we sold a company for aproximately
$10m plus, to a public company. I have been chasing success since
those days about 7 years ago. I was one of three founders at that
time, with almost equal ownership. The next one I wanted to run my
self, not a good idea, and foolish mistakes by me.

I can tell you that I learned something each time. And deep down I
have tried I stay positive, recently I thought maybe I am just not
meant to be successful in business for my self. And that is ok with
me, especially as i do have a good job in a great field,
and with a great company. I almost tried to say it was just not meant
to be. Especially as I believe in the law of Karma, and past life
spiritual practice.

Besides reading the "Outliers" book by Malcolm Gladwell and getting
excited about success, I got reinspired from my Church (self
realization fellowship). The sermon today was all about success and
karmic impact on our success. I was mistaken about my understanding
of it, to say the least. But, I was correct in that I have to follow
Gods will for my success and I am just being prepared with my
experiences to acquire the skills and habits. As we all are, when we
don't succeed at first attempt, or third or. Fifth or whenever. The
key is to do your best and keep trying. Try to learn from your
mistakes. Here are some things I learned:

1. Pay attention to profits, and make sure that the business is
profitable in it's revenue model. Meaning make sure that it can cover
costs, especially hidden costs, and there is enough left over for you.

***since I am covering these lesson's in such detail, I am going to
continue this blog and topic tomorrow. Who said, did I yeserday that
I don't have enough to write about? :-). The rule of thumb I have set
aside for myself is that I should only write 3 paragraphs per post,
but write daily.
Any thoughts?