Saturday, December 06, 2008

Keep driving even if you don't win!

One of my favorite teams lost a championship game today, Alabama. And
their hopes of winning the national championship are gone. But they
proved they deserved to be there. They kept on driving, but more
importantly this is going to be a great National chammpionship for
college footbal this year.

The reason is that two teams that will get there have lost a game
already, but they have not given up yet. They kept on driving towards
their goals. Unlike many other teams that have up, and lost two of so
games after their hopes seemed low. So never give up hope and keep
driving, and you just might make it to the national championship.

Keep driving!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Video SEO Tip - Using SWFObject 2.1 to Provide Alternative HTML Content (Part 1 of 2)

Follow the link above to a great article on SEO and Video. If the
link does not work, I am sorry. I am having issues typing on my new
iPhone. No matter how unBlackberry it is, it's still very cool. I
know my Seo and blogging speed will be hurt by it. But that is the
price of a great all in one device.

As some of you have noticed I have not been blogging that much any
way. I have been thinking about working on and finishing the book
Blog Impact!, it's our new ttile for the marketing book, but with a
focus on blogging and social networking than on raw SEO, Search and
Social marketing.

We added a lot of articles on blogging, and how to blog. A lot of
these I did not write. But onne our previous contractors had. And, I
can't wait to pay her some of the proceeds, to get her caught up on
payments. If I have learned some thing in these tough times, it's you
always pay people, even if it is late.

Business and Entrepreneurship requires Sacrifice and perseeverance.
And, one shall never give up on their goals. Some times it takes a
bit longer, but you will get there.