Friday, March 10, 2006

Seattle is cooling down but Real Estate in Seattle stays Hot

I was talking with a 50 plus year old man today who was about to spend $900k on a house moving to Seattle from Denver. He is not alone thousands are moving to Seatle, why? Because Seattle and the Pacific Northwest have so much to offer. So much in fact that there are quality of life signs all over the city. Three is construction happenning every where. The Seattle SeaHawks went to the super bowl, so they lost, but still they went. Ok they we're robbed of the super bowl, I am from Minnesota and Twin Cities originally, so Seattle Sea Hawks are not my favorite team, I did feel for them, after they lost the worst officiated Super Bowl in History.

The richest man in the world lives in Seattle, and many more millionaires from his great
company call Seattle thru home. So it really is no surprise that Seattle us a cool place to live. Yes, it was very cold here today, but the Real estate prices remain very HOT.

A real estate website I use to own, had two listings in Seattle NWMLS, one was in Bellevue and one was in Queen Anne and they both sold within 30 days or so. The real estate market is cooling in North America as the recent Seattle times articles suggest, but the Home prices in Seattle local market stayed hot too! I read some where a few months ago, that Seattle Metro is suppose to add 27,000 new jobs, where wil all these people live? Guess what is getting to stay Hot? Seattle Real Estate market continues to grow, as the job and economic market for the United States looks good. The mortgage rates do have an impact on certain segments so I don't think the market is going to be as hot or get any hotter.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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