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A Spiritual Social Network

Does the world need another social network, and especially a spiritual social network? We don’t know, and hope so, as we love the conversation of sprituality within the context of success and helping people live the life of their dreams. This is a side project of Keith, I, and another friend of mine, and it’s mission is quite simple to help people live a life of their dreams, thru Spirituality visit the project blog @

Recent blogs from the sprititual social network, which is coming soon, we are working on the social networking software.

The Noble New from Laws of Success

Sing Songs that none have sung,

Think Thoughts that ne’er in brain have rung,

Walk in paths that none have trod,

Weep tears that none have shed for God,

Give peace to all to whom none other gave,

Claim him your own who’s everywhere disclaimed.

Love all with love that none have felt, and brave

the battle of life with Strength unchained.

from “Law of Success” by Parammahansa Yogananda

You see this book is so deep, it’s hard to absorb and live more than a page or two at a time. It kind of reminds me of the Bible, where each verse is studied due to the depth of it’s meaning.

James Allen wrote a book called “As a Man Thinketh” written in 1899.

Cherish your visions, Cherish your ideals

Cherish your dreams,

Cherish the music that stirs in your heart,

The loveliness that drapes your finest thoughts,

Because of these if you stay true to them,

Your world will at last be built.

I want to quote out of that book some deep thoughts as well. But have to go to work for now, more later on spirituality and spiritual laws of success.

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6th Mar, 2008

Spiritual Success Quote & just smile

“He is the wisest who seeks God. He is the most successful who has found God.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

A few Years ago, I sat with my coach discussing my goals, we were about 9months in to our professional relationship. The topic of lack of spirituality entered our conversation, I felt a lack of spiritual alignment with my goals. I was coming off a devastating business loss, a year or so prior, and by this time, I had recovered. I was on my way back to financial security, even though my debt was still massive, I had a mechanism in place to provide for my family in a comfortable way. But the financial success and business success which were always tied for me, really didn’t include spirituality. And, I didn’t know how I could involve more spirituality in my business. That has always been the issue for me, I had no clear path to spiritual integration with my professional/business life.

I am not alone in this, a lot of people don’t even have a job they like. A neighbor just said, it would be bad, If I hated my job. So their is finding meaning in your work, no matter what you do, you can find meaning in it. At the very least, you can look at the fact that you are working to pay your bills and providing food and shelter for our lives. But, that’s where it stops, reminds you of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs. They are important to remind our self, and even though there is a lot of debate on the subject. What comes first, spiritual needs driving our basic needs or basic needs leading us to our spiritual needs. Here is the hierarchy in my quick understanding:

1. Food Shelter Clothing Survival needs - Low Level

2. Need for affection relationships communion

3. Need for Community, City, Country–belonging

4. Self Realization - Need for meaning in life - work
5. Self Actualization - Spiritual enlightment need - High Level

Some people say that if you work for money and food and basic needs, you will go up the chain to find more and more, as the basic low level needs just can’t keep our attention long enough. So people who have their basic needs met, often want spiritual needs. But, what about the people who have their spiritual needs met, do they want their basic needs met? At the surface level you might think that, but we are not talking about artists here, or people trying to be free and spiritual types as we call them.

To be truly spiritual, you would go work in a factory in a job that is disgusting by most standards, but still love it, how & why? It’s because they are guided spiritually, they know that all of their needs maybe met with that job. Their connection needs, spiritual satisfaction from delivering a great car, folders, chemicals, whatever they are building. The money and the basic needs that they get to provide for their family. Some of the most spiritual people I have met often are wise to this point, and I am glad that my father was self aware enough to do this kind of a job for our family. Michelle Obama, the Presidential front runner Obama’s wife, provides evidence of this in her life of her dad. So spiritual alignment in work, life, family, personal balance is a must.

What do you have to find it? It’s easy know and be comforted that everything is as it’s suppose to be, God is all around us, in everything, everything is a gift of spiritual blessings, and all we have to do is, open up to this fact. Much easier done than said, it’s quite simple really, but people make it hard. That is why Swamiji as my hindu friends would call Gurus, Sages, Wise folks, makes it so easy for us all. They keep it simple and just smile.

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3rd Mar, 2008

The Law of Success and Spiritual Laws of Success series: Part 1

The Law of Success by Paramahansa Yogananda is an amazing booklet on the spiritual laws of success. If you have ever heard of the Self-Realization Fellowship, founded in 1920, you are certainly aware of Yogananda as it’s simply known. I had no idea that the great Yogi had written a book on the Laws of Success, and to my amazing surprise, it’s quite amazing. I went to the SRF center in Seattle yesterday, and heard the most powerful sermon on success, even better than Deepak Chopra’s talk on the 7 spiritual laws of success. I like Deepak’s so this was an amazing surprise, I am still willing to pay $50 to go see Deepak tomorrow night in Seattle. He is visiting, and the energy of the place when he will be there is quite amazing.

Now to the point of the book Law of Success, here is the tag line description from the front cover of the book: Using the Power of Spirit to Create Health, Prosperity, and Happiness. The best part of the book for me, is that the energy coming off the SRF center I know is from the divine source. These laws are not unique but powerful, and the eloquently intense the way they were talked about yesterday, helped me get the book, and make it the subject of a series on spiritual laws of success blog. They could take a life time or two to dissect, and to be full acquired, but are easily captured in a 36 small pages. The realization process of the self in acquiring this kind of wealth is the key.

Here is the main point I learned from the talk and the book, If success is arrived from spiritual and only spiritual direction, than and only than can it be everlasting and truly success. Here is an excerpt from the cover:

“The faster the world moves, the more important it becomes to slow down and look within for what makes us truly happy. This insightful book offers profoundly motivating and uniquely practical guidance on the inner attributes that bring highest achievements and lasting success. Filled with sensible, down-to-earth wisdom, The Law of Success explores the spiritual sources of Creativity, positive thinking, and dynamic will, as well as the success-producing power of self-analysis and meditation. It shows how each one of us can naturally attract happiness and harmony-the measure of true effectiveness in every phase of life-by developing the unlimited powers that flow from the inner-most forces of our being.”

Widely regarded as one of the pre-eminent spiritual figures of our time, Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952) has introduced millions of readers to the perennial wisdom of the East through his life story, Autobiography of a Yogi, and his numerous other books. Today his spiritual and humanitarian work is carried on by Self-Realization Fellowship, The international society he founded in 1920 to disseminate his teachings worldwide.

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29th Feb, 2008

The Ancient Secrets of all spiritual faiths meet..

modern tools such as Blogging, social networking, video, and electronic conversations to enhance real world community of Spirituality. We want to launch this asap, and we don’t have a specific agenda, so for now all ideas are welcome. The topics can be anything from the discussion of the book and movie The Secret, which shares the ancient wisdom of Law of Attraction, mind over matter, and good old fashioned power of positive thinking.

The most important thing in life and in the spiritual world is to dream and to dream big. Whatever that dream is and how crazy it maybe, we need to acknowledge it, and appreciate the insights. There is a lot of talk right now about the focus and lack of reality in the word Hope. I think the biggest road block to dreaming is that lack of hope that a majority of the people have in achieving their dreams and big goals.

The political campaigns of the US Presidential campaign of Obama is focusing on Hope, and it’s shocking that the level of attacks that the word Hope is getting. Some people who are have led a previledged life like me, don’t ever think about the word hope. To some of us dreamers who actually believe we can achieve our goals, we think in certain words of Will and must and going after our dreams. I am told that the book “Audacity of Hope” by Senator Barack Obama is a great book.

I learned about the word Hope from an amazing lady back in the Inner city of Seattle, she taught me a great lesson. I called her my Maya Angelou, she taught me a few things about my book “Soul Verite” being part of the Hindu Chakra’s which at the time, I had no idea. But the most important lesson she taught me was of the word Hope. She taught of a lesson of life, from her past experiences, that most people in poverty and tough upbringings such as inner city don’t have hope. This is not a racial issue, I have seen this first hand in teen agers of both sexes and major races. I have always fought for their right to dream, and that is one of the main driving forces for this website/blog.

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26th Feb, 2008


Welcome to a brand new day, a new way to enhance your life where ancient Spiritual secrets meet the new age tools such as blogging, community, and social networking.

We are about to launch a spiritual community of people who want more than a empty promise of traditional success. plans to offer a place to communicate, create, share, enhance, grow your personal development goals all with a spiritual wholistic life.

Ever wanted more fulfillment in your interactions, more meaning in your life, well this is the place to start that journey. You will get what you put in to it, best of all, it is your community. Coming soon, by some of the people that brought your the blogging community

Microsoft to offer online services to more businesses

I have wanted to write a blog about this since the news came out. Here is the article, and I think this is an important move for MS, especially if they want to keep up with Google.

Google will show up as a leader in software such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets, etc. It will seem like all of a sudden, but know that Google is moving fast in this space. Microsoft, will loose big, just Like Yahoo is lossing in the search and directory business, email and online businesses advertising space.

Good luck MS!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

From and MyTypes: AOL Buying Social Networking Site, and MyTypes plans one too?

AOL Buying Social Networking Site, and MyTypes plans one too?

This link below will take you to the recent news, and proves that Social networking is great for engagement marketing, and is all the craze that SEO was a few years ago, and yesterday. We think business social networking is also a category that is under served.

InternetNews Realtime IT News – AOL Buying Social Networking Site

Even without the big funding that major sites have, we have been focusing and growing our Social Networking site for bloggers and a blogging community as we call it. Last week, I started to hint that we are in the process of a launching a new exciting venture for the b2b, SEO, Search marketers, and B2b Marketing professionals. I never did say what it is that we are doing, but we had planned to let you know. And, here it is, we want to position our small but fast growing business social network, and position it for SEO professionals and B2B Marketing. We think it will be easy for us to position our business social networking site, just for the marketing, sales, SEO consultants, etc. This is not rocket science, and we did launch it last November.

The Wordpress blogging platform did not meet our business social networking needs, hence we launched with an open source platform, and have customized it greatly. You can visit this b2b, b2b marketing, SEO Consultants, and marketers of all sorts there. What’s nice about our platform is that it’s very democratic, the most recent people who are on our business social networking site show up on the front section. So the more people use it, the more exposure they get. We don’t mind certain people hanging out on the site all day. It’s just that they should have good content, or we will block them. It’s nice to have good spam control on our servers. So good job to AOL for making this strategic business social networking move. Here is a previous article our Blogging coach had written about social networks. We think Business social networks were just around the corner, as the space of LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Ryze were moving towards it, with the popularity of Facebook. These glorified contact management systems, did not want to be left behind.

Web 2.0 and You: Social Media Explained

Chances are you’ve heard the terms “web 2.0″, user-generated content, and social media networks being thrown around before, and you probably have a decent idea of what they mean (if not, check out my dictionary of blog related terms). However, you may not be sure how to use the social media networks for your business - to blogcast your brand, because blogging is the center of it all.2400-1000nasa-solar-system-posters.jpg

Think of your brand/business as a solar system - your blog is the sun, and the rest of the social media sites and applications as planets orbiting around it. You may have profiles on the other networks, videos on YouTube and photos on Flickr, and use social bookmarking sites like and digg, but it all revolves around your blog (be sure to put links to your blog in all your profiles, but you already knew that, right?).

There are two main forms of social media that can be quite useful for bloggers - networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, Linked In) and bookmarking sites (Stumble Upon, Reddit, and my personal favorite,

The networking sites are kind of self-explanatory; they are not that far removed from your actual network of friends, associates, and colleagues, except that they are virtual and you can see everyone else’s networks too. Besides the fact that it is simply convenient to have everyone’s profile info at your fingertips, these sites can also be useful when it comes to reconnecting with old colleagues and acquaintances, and for learning more about new friends. While you don’t need to maintain a presence on every social networking site on the web (you wouldn’t have time to do anything else!), it’s helpful to be involved in one or two that are popular in your business’s niche, e.g. fashion types with Iqons and anything music or entertainment related with Myspace.

Bookmarking sites are useful for bloggers in the both the promotional sense (having your content listed on the sites brings in readers) and in the personal sense - you can bookmark and tag your favorite sites and articles and access those bookmarks from anywhere, and if you work from multiple computers your bookmarks will be synched. I personally like to bookmark and tag any articles that would be good blog fodder, so bookmarking sites can help beat blogger’s block as well. Social bookmarking sites are also excellent tools because they enable you to check out what others in your niche are reading and what they thought of it. Popular forums can function in a similar fashion (be sure to put a link to your blog in your signature line!)

Last but not least, there is Technorati, the blog index that has become so much more. Technorati lets you see who has linked to your blog and how recently, what other sites they have linked to, who they have favorited, and so on. There’s also an authority ranking (how many sites have linked to a particular blog). It’s a good way to keep track of which bloggers are saying what, and how other bloggers are reacting to it.

The key idea to remember is that the social networks are a community - you have to participate, learn the mores, and in some cases, follow the rules (for example, many forums have certain codes of conduct and behavior, so check out the regulations before you jump in and post). Even if you’re a natural rebel, you have to learn the rules before you can break them. Like any other community, virtual or not, you have to learn to listen as well as speak.

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MyTypes XoomPad Vipin Singh and on Reputation Management

It’s kind of sad that I am blogging to knock off the top 6 blog results when people search for This is being done, because someone malicious goes out and spreads lies about me Vipin Singh and our company. I am not going to take part in the negative nature, boy do I feel the urge to do it though. I could totally destroy his reputation, be just telling people the truth about his behaviors and lies. If he was telling the truth, I wouldn’t care as much. It’s that he is going above and beyond, lieing, and making stupid/nasty claims. The dumb thing is the more he writes negative malicious comments, the less likely I am to pay him. So words to the wise, don’t write negative stuff about people who owe you money. They will not be motivated to pay you. It’s only children that whine and say negative stuff, and the negative energy they sent them selves. Regardless, I am bothered enough, and will deal with it, by knocking him off the top 10.

So why should I care, mainly because his lies end up as #6 on search results pages. I guess, I taught him something about SEO, which he has learned. I can’t reward his dumb behavior by paying him before we pay any of our other company debts. We are super excited of paying debt to 5 different parties, and making a huge dent in our debt. Things are going really well here, and we are excited about the future prospects of

Reputation Management is starting to become a big part of SEO, and blogging. We started to see this trend a few years ago, but didn’t care to talk about it in our SEO blogs or do any kind of work on it. So in reputation management, and in staying positive, we just have to remember, that we can’t get caught in people’s negative energy. About a year and 3 months ago, someone said malicious things about us, on his websites. He is a notorious web and SEO person, we stayed positive and actually got clients out of it. I plan to chalk this experience up again as way to help me grow professionally.

For reputation management, when writing blogs to SEO yourself, I recommend staying above the negative chatter. Also, use the name of your company a couple of times, or your name a couple of times. The title of the post will help to create a Search Engine Friendly URL, which is one of the most important SEO factors. We have been making the connection and leading to b2b and business to business marketing from an SEO perspective. And, also in the process of creating a small business resource center as well as business social networking site. We are currently working on the branding and design lay outs. Here is our SEO blog from the Blog Templates and blogging coach section, where I write every day. But, you already knew that:-).

Photoshop vs. Illustrator, the Alt ego of web designers

Photoshop vs. Illustrator

Which one is better for web designers, I am sure comes up a lot. Read the above resource, of the two amazing tools, it’s a great explanation. 837737___photographer_from_sxchu_photo-blog.jpgI have had web designers and technical people answer this question for me, but after reading that source, it finally makes sense. A lot of you maybe web designers trying to learn about SEO, others maybe marketing people. I am not a web designer, I work with our tech web designer Keith all the time. He takes care of all our tech issues, and I have been asking him for the last few days the difference between Photoshop and Illustrator. I love design, and I am thinking about getting in to web design, to develop some pages for our b2b marketplace and business social networking site. It’s funny, I have been wanting to get in to some sort of a web programming or something technical. And it’s clear to me, I am going to get in to Illustrator and maybe Photoshop later, for web design and blog templates for Wordpress Themes. I am excited about my first project being a real one for our b2b social networking. So what does all of this have to do with SEO, well web designers need to learn SEO and employ that in their web design and technical Meta Tags etc. 356757_11588561from_sxchu_photo-blog.jpg

They too often don’t think about SEO until after a marketing or advertising executive tells them that they can’t see their own website on Google. This is too common of a theme, this is where our SEO blog templates are such as great tool for web designers. Use our base and SEO guide to make sure your Wordpress Themes are SEO’ed. Also as a tip for today, don’t forget about Alt Tags, they are great tool for SEOing your site, but you have to use proper keywords in your Alt Tags. Alt tags, as most designers know, are used to describe pictures or images, even text especially within links. But web designers in my opinion often don’t link enough for SEO, and especially good web designers don’t use proper keywords for SEOing their site. Why is that? Could be that designers as a whole have Alt egos? I think so, designers and probably web designers on the lesser end are a unique bunch. I have said for years, that good or great web designers are harder to find, than actually technical people. I am probably suited to be a web designer more than I want to admit. And, that my friends is not speaking highly of my personality traits, which proves the Alt Ego scenario? 812489_turkish_stalls_from_sxchu_photo-blog.jpg

As a bonus for you, I am going to include another blog below today. Especially, as I had to go off topic from our usual b2b and marketplace topics of such as things as Barter, and online businesses, and tying them to SEO. I had to get to the basics of web design, and actually designer alt ego’s. Enclosed is a blog by our previous blogging coach, can I repeat we miss her great writing. I added the photos, just to add more color, photos Jazz up your blog as usual. I only wish I could write as well, enjoy:

Long Tail Searches and SEO

You’ve probably heard the phrase “long tail” before, especially in regard to business and marketing. Essentially, the long tail is the tail end of a demand curve - there may be lots of people who buy the latest #1 single, but there are many more people buying all sorts of different, obscure albums - the total number of the people buying the varied music is much greater than the people buying the #1 hit. The long tail is part of the reason why companies like Amazon are so successful - they offer tons of different niche items. The inter-connectedness and global scope of the web has made the long tail and catering to niche markets a viable business strategy. 964976_beautiful_girl_from_sxchu_photo-blog.jpg

However, the long tail is also relevant to SEO. Very significant percentage of searches are “long tail searches”, that consist longer, more specific queries that naturally tend to yield fewer results. For instance, if you’re looking for a newly built condo in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, wouldn’t you type “Chicago condominiums South Loop real estate new construction” or something similar into the search box? After, you’re much likely to find what you’re looking for that way than by just using “Chicago real estate”. Long tail searchers are looking for something very specific. This post on Search Engine Watch’s blog has excellent visuals illustrating long tail searches.

So how does this apply to your blog? Think about your niche and your own unique skills and characteristics. Narrow down your keywords - instead of only using “Chicago real estate agent”, make sure to write about the particular neighborhoods and types of properties you specialize in, for example. Or if you’re any kind of retailer (chances are if you’re an online retailer, you’re already very familiar with niche markets and the long tail), write constant posts about your products. Try to create the most detailed descriptions possible, and aim to be your readers’ source for the latest information about new products in your niche.

Targeting the long tail may end up benefiting you more in the long run - after all, long tail searchers tend to be looking for very specific information, and if you fit into their desired niche, they are that much more likely to bookmark your blog and/or become clients or customers someday.

**A little note from this best of all SEO Consultants blogging here, Moi the main writer here, Vipin Singh. Just kidding, I am the only one blogging here who works as a SEO Consultant right, therefore, I am I give my self all this great credit for my failures as well:-). Long tail kewyord phrases are also a great tool for SEO each individual keyword within the phrases. 967042_meditation_from-sxchu_photo-blog.jpgFor example if we SEO for the Keyword “Silver Cross Rings“, we end up SEOing each keyword, “Silver” and “Cross” and “Rings”. And, we end up SEOing for each combination of keywords such as Silver Cross, Silver Rings, Cross Rings, Cross Ring. Don’t forget that all the major keywords which include our focus keywords such as “Silver Jewelry”, they benefit because the word “Silver” is being used in our “Silver Cross Rings“. Does this makes sense, I don’t think it’s too complicated, but most people don’t think of this Long tail SEO stuff. That is why so many Long tail keyword searches are used very often by all smart SEO Consultants, especially yours truly. This also includes writing contextually when blogging, and linking to appropriate keywords. We have done the same with our Barter, B2b marketing, and Online Marketplace for B2b and small business marketing strategies. As long as the topics are all related, go ahead and use them together.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Obama Wins the hearts of the People, because he is positive, Smart, and Ethical

He is not liked, because he is Africa American, he is liked because he inspires us all. He has a foreign name with a Islamic name, which conservative Americans, want to hate. But Obama is so positive, he wins people's hearts, because he is smart, and has actually had a hard time. Geraldine Ferraro was highly offensive, I want to stay positive that is why I won't say anything else.

Go Obama Go, I love how positive, smart, ethical you are. I want to support you more and more.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogging for Business = b2b by & Vipin Singh

No Business Left Behind: Part 2. Blogging for business

As most SEO consultants know that we have to SEO our clients, who are not always in B2c, but also B2b, which stands for Business to Business. B2b Marketing professionals are constantly challenged with attracting business for their clients or business leads, and b2b marketing is a huge business. Most often B2b marketing is based on Infomediaries, and the models of lead generation is the most prominent. I like all the smart SEO consultants, like to use content that others have written to promote them.

Here are a couple of blog posts from our previous blogging coach, who stoped being our blogging coach back in August, she was very good, and we do mis her great writing. I have been going through her previous posts, and they are all very good. I want to provide an update with an emphasis on blogging for SEO and for our blog templates, and since there a lot of people here coming for B2b marketing. We have been promoting the connection between SEO, Google being the best B2B infomediary, not just for B2C. Here are the previous blogs:

Weekend on the Links #2

Here’s some interesting weekend reading: has compiled an incredible list of SEO techniques, organized into categories and ranked with scores ranging from +3 (things you should definitely do) to -3 (things to actively avoid).

Suffering from blogger’s block? NorthxEast has a list of Twelve Ways to Turn a Boring Post into Pure Gold. First, however, they point out that in the end, it’s good content and good headlines that drive traffic.

The Copyblogger asks “Do You Make These Mistakes When You Write?” a continuation of his previous list of errors that can diminish a writer’s, or a blogger’s credibility.

If you’re a woman and a blogger, consider attending the Conference, but act quick, because it’s happening very soon - July 27-29 in Chicago. Attendees can register through July 20th.

Used to writing for print? Here’s a beautifully concise post from O.M. Strategy on the differences between online and offline writing.

Have an excellent weekend!

Blogging Your Business: The Two Way Street

No one really likes to be on the receiving end of the hard sell - it’s awkward and annoying for everyone involved, really. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid engaging in such off-putting activities, thanks to the many promotional tools and techniques out there on the net.

Blogging, is a particularly good way to set up a passive but constant soft sell. Now, you might be thinking: “Of course you’re going to say that! You write a blog about blogging!” Guilty as charged, but it doesn’t change the fact that blogging can indeed be a valuable marketing tool. It lets potential customers find you on their own time and get to know you and your products or services at their leisure.

See, blogging is a two way street. Instead of just broadcasting your message at a captive audience in the manner of most traditional advertising, you’re communicating with your readers instead of talking at your potential customers. The blogosphere is a community, and for your blog to be as successful as possible, you have to participate, even if you’re blogging about your business. Actually, especially if you are blogging about your business.

The key to using your blog as a marketing tool is not to think of it as such, at least in the traditional sense. Besides telling your readers about your business and products, share other details about your life and link to other blogs, articles, and websites that you like. By blogging about varied but related topics you can prevent your blog from being a one-note-wonder. After all, would you want to read a blog that only consists of tons of remarkably similar posts harping on the same product? It’s the blogging version of the smarmy, pushy salesman who gets in your face and refuses to let you leave without making a purchase - but on the web, readers can escape the hard sell with just one click.*

Think of your blog as a mini-portal to your niche. Let your readers start with your blog, check out your latest posts, and then continue on by clicking on your links (naturally, you should link to things that support your message and your brand). Remember that blogging is a dialogue, it is dynamic, and it is interactive, so update often and answer comments and questions. Also, remember that your readers are probably pretty savvy and they can tell when a blog is straight-up propaganda. The best way to draw readers to your blog is to create interesting, useful, and compelling content, and do it regularly. Of course, that is also the hardest way - but that’s what your blogging coach is here for.

*You may have already seen this, but the Cluetrain Manifesto is worth checking out - and getting on.

As always we talk about b2b marketing as technically SEO falls within that world, and our SEO blog templates site is growing. As some of you might have seen today, we are getting ranked very high in Google for the keyword “Blog Templates“, we wanted to not just provide SEOed Wordpress Themes, we are currently working on blogger templates. In the same vain, We signed up as a reseller account and are now selling Premium Blog templates through Template Monster. So do check those out, and go ahead and buy some Premium Wordpress Themes from us:-).

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog Templates @

No Business Left Behind: B2B eCommerce Part 1.

We have used the No child left behind tag line in the past from President Bush, and turned it in to no blogger left behind. We used it for our Community blogs, if you visit our main site. 1012831_65170375-fromsxchu-photo-blog.jpg

That is what I am most excited about, the blogging community, social network. What started out as a way for us to help our clients, through SEO, blog templates and blogging, has turned in to quite an exciting business model for us. We use the tools to develop our social networking site for blogging. And, now as we are part of the Barter Network at ITEX, we are soon building Social networks for Massage therapists, Lawyers, Dentists, Car Repair, Accountants, Vacation Rentals, and yes Restaurants. 963359_engineer-fromsxchu_photo-blog1.jpg Boy that was a handful, I am not just saying this to use the keywords for SEO, I am really excited about becoming a social networking platform company. Why am I excited? Not just for us, but to help online businesses, and to enable b2b eCommerce through social interactions. SEO is key component of any online marketing, and B2B promotion, as mentioned in the last blog. 955458_working_day_photo-blog2.jpg

I wanted to write about B2b eCommerce, but most businesses only utilize the Internet for information exchange such as website or Info-mediaries. Lead generation, which we also wrote about a few days ago, is more complex and is the main activity within b2b ecommerce. Yes you SEO wanna be marketing people, you want to get to the bottom of how to best generate leads so you can keep your jobs. We know what drives you, well most of you blog a lot, and you should to promote your business. Our message today is simple, Social networking within businesses is eCommerce as you get your suppliers, customers, vendors(employees), all interacting. 952636_happy_families_photo-blog3.jpg

Social networking components within your blogging and web presence should drive your b2b ecommerce strategy. And, yes as always blogs and community blogs will be part of the trends are key components of social networks as is the ability to make and invite friends. Here is an article our previous blogging coach wrote, you will probably enjoy reading it. It got a lot of raving reviews the time it was posted back in July 2007, enjoy:


Don’t Blog In A Vacuum

Blogging is essentially a social, conversational medium, so it only goes to follow that you can’t successfully blog in a vacuum. You have to read and respond to other bloggers, link to outside websites, and be aware of what others in niche are talking about by participating in the popular social media networks.

Basically, you have to read at least as much as you write. First of all, reading and absorbing the work of talented writers is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to developing your own writing voice. It only goes to follow that, if you want to get the most out of your blog, you have to read other blogs as well. Besides, being aware of the current popular topics in in the blogosphere is valuable, and you’ll never know where you’ll pick up a great tip or two.

You don’t even necessarily have to read tons of blogs about blogging (although as your Blogging Coach, I would say that you should definitely keep an eye on a few meta-blogs); useful, well-written advice and positive examples can be found on blogs in any niche. It’s also important to check out blogs that discuss similar topics to yours, so you can pick up on market trends and see if anyone has written, linked to, or created anything interesting.946847_tourists-from-sxchu-photo-blog4.jpg

One of the key differences between blogging and more traditional forms of media, marketing, and public relations is that it’s a two way street. Yes, your readers can and will respond to your posts in the comments, but other bloggers can write responses on their blogs too. Reacting and sharing opinions are a key part of participating in the blogosphere, so it’s not only useful, it’s imperative that you read at least a few other blogs.

Don’t think that you have the time to read? Try subscribing to your favorites and scanning them in a reader (I personally prefer Google Reader, but there are tons of options out there), or tagging posts that intrigue you with a “toread” tag in and coming back them when you have time to spare.

What other blogs do you read? Do you read them for news, education, inspiration, or entertainment (or a mix of all the above?).

**Since this blog is about business and b2b, I wanted to mention some great websites., (which owns a b2b news site),, and of course

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dreaming of Blog Templates

I can't believe I am sitting here tonight, dreaming about blog templates. Why would be thinking about Blog templates any way, who do I think I am? Well, some how we started to offer SEO blog templates for Wordpress templates and wordpress themes last year. We did this to get link backs in return, as recommended by Google's man on SEO, and top SEO consultants worldwide. You see offering free tools, blog templates, and website templates is nothing new, and lots of companies do it. In fact, it's one of the best ways to get promotion and part of the Open Source movements.

But why am I dreaming about blog templates? I have loved the process of designing websites or blogs, especially with my friend and business partner at, Keith Mitchell. Keith and I have bought blog templates, we have bought website templates. But more recently we have spent more time designing interfaces, designs, and websites from blog templates. We have worked with Wordpress Templates, Joomla Templates, and Elgg. We are now ranked #6 on Google for the keyword "Blog Templates", and #27 for "Blogger Templates" and #27 "Wordpress Templates".

So we started to dream of blog templates, as I know for a fact, that with the popularity of blogs, lots of businesses will pay for blog templates. This will help us to monetize our traffic and create a more successful business model. We are also thinking of offering SEO tools and a small business seo package to help small business SEO their websites. And, all of this starts with their blogs and our blog templates.

Who would have thunk it, dreaming about blogger templates, even though we are Wordpress Templates. Making money helping to sell the enemies customers some juice to make them beautiful. But if people are willing to pay us for these blog templates we will offer them. Coming soon to a blog near you.

Do let us know what you think of us selling blog templates?