Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Look in to his eyes, when he blinks a lot he is lieing, McCain Lied, Obama won!

I saw those blinking eyes in John Mccain, when he talked about the Eloquent speeches of Obama. He said Eloquent calls for change with empty promises. When they look down, quickly they are embarassed. When those same eyes look to the right and top, those eyes are being creative, looking for maybe lies, new things. When the eyes blink quickly, the body tells us the person has no conviction.

When a person looks at you straight in the eyes, they are focused. Maybe honest too! Paul Bagala just said Hillary's speech was an old one, and that Attacks are good for politics. Attacks can make you better or weaker, and Paul Bagala (The Clinton Suppoprter) just said it made Obama Better. All of you McCain supporters, do your self a favor, don't argue with me, just read about Blinking eyes of liers. Or how to read facial behavior for lies, and yes tonight Feb 19, McCain was lieing about how American people don't like eloquent speeches and Obama. American people the Majority Love Obama, Black, White, Latino, E. Indian, Chinese, Asian, We love Obama!

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