Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seattle Gutters for Seattle Rain

here is a post I just wrote on our blogging site, enjoy:

10th Dec, 2008
Seattle Gutters ?
Ok, I live in Seattle and it’s the rainy season, and it’s time to talk about Seattle Gutters. What did I just say, am I kidding? Well not really, listen up. My neighbor and friend Ben came over the other day from, and checked out my rustic Seattle Gutters. I need to reroute one of my gutters and he asked me for a quote and he said no worries, he will just do it. I said c’mon dude, and he said just write a blog about him to SEO his site for Seattle Gutters. You see Ben is a very smart guy, he has SEO’ed him self to #1 or #2 for Seattle Rain gutters, but he has fallen to #31 for the keywords “Seattle Gutters“. He said that he gets enough business from his site that it will be worth thousands of dollars to him.
So that I why I am writing this blog for my friend from the best Seattle Gutters site, who wants to be in the top 10 for “Seattle Gutters” keyword. I hope this helps Ben, and maybe when my gutters are rerouted I will write another brief blog about what a wonderful job you did on my Seattle Gutters:-). Thanks to all of you for listenging to my entertaining but kind of blah blogging about heaters (written in the past to support and Seattle Gutters, kind of lame but if it helps people why not!