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Why Barter, Reason #5

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Barter Reason #5

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Well we all Barter with our friends in an unofficial way, but we call them favors. They give us a ride to the airport, we pick them up, it’s all a trade of value at some non-business level. So the world of Barter and small business marketing today, is not about exchanging of sheep and pigs for some grains or apparel. It’s quite organized, their are a couple of larger multi-million dollar companies, and ITEX Barter Trade Exchange Network is one of the biggest if not the best. Barter Reason #5, from ITEX.comWe are helping to create awareness for Barter, by writing this series of top value on Why People should parter. This is reason #5 why all small business should Barter to grow their sales. You are going to spend some of that money in your local area, why not do it as part of your Barter Network.

Reason #5 to Barter: Mix business and pleasure:

You’re not limited to using your ITEX Barter membership just for your small business marketing. You can use your ITEX dollars to purchase all kinds of products and services to improve your quality of life - from restaurants, resorts, jewelry, clothing, cars, trips, dentistry, medical services, and many more barter items, you name it, you can barter it!

Below are the previous reason:

Instead of buying the things you need and want with cash, you can barter those same items ITEX members make purchases with ITEX Barter dollars - earned by selling their products and services, excess inventory or capacity to other ITEX members.Do you run ads? Do you send brochures other marketing material? Need to hire a consultant, accountant or an attorney? Do you need office equipment serviced? With ITEX, you can acquire all of these services with ITEX dollars.That’s just the beginning. Want to take your customers or staff to lunch or dinner? Do you need a hotel room, a vacation or just a massage? Thousands of Barter items can be purchased with ITEX dollars.
The CEO talks about why small businesses should join ITEX.
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Sell your products and services as Barter Items to a growing network of ITEX members who need what you have. This is a great way to open new markets, build new relationships, and grow your business, using the best small business marketing strategy, Bartering.We will help you sell your products and services on the ITEX website or offline directly to other members.
Problems that ITEX solves for small business owners
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We are not just an online marketplace, but an amazing Barter network. We have a network of professionals to help you maximize the value of your ITEX membership.Local Trade Directors act like a sales force promoting your products and services to an expanding Barter network of new customers, both online and offline.Trade Directors assist members in locating items to purchase for their business or personal needs.

Trade Directors will do most of the work for you, freeing up valuable time to focus on your business.

What is “The Membership Trading Community”?
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ITEX provides you with a variety of resources so you can focus on growing your business, and Bartering: the best small business marketing strategy.
  • we take care of the record keeping so you don’t get bogged down with details
  • free customer support, ask any bartering question, we have the experience.
  • access to our private membership directory for marketing your products and services
  • access your account information, anywhere and anytime, using our easy-to-use Web site
Cashless transactions and more
You’re not limited to using your ITEX Barter membership just for your business. You can use your ITEX dollars to purchase all kinds of products and services to improve your quality of life - from restaurants, resorts, jewelry, clothing, cars, trips, dentistry, medical services, and much more. This is why we say Bartering is the best small business marketing strategy, it simply works!
The CEO reveals his personal motivation in helping small businesses

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Vacation Homes and Rentals, which cities are hot?

Online Booking Software

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We started to write these blogs on Online Booking Software for our friends at They have developed the most comprehensive vacation homes rentals online booking software you can think of.

Vacation Homes and Rentals, which cities are hot?

How is the current market for Vacation homes and rentals, and which cities are hot at the moment, past 6 months, past 5 years, and will be in the future? Has the current mortgage market effected the vacation travelers and vacation homes rentals market? Vacation Excitement for online booking software from Sxc.huWe know that in Florida, San Diego, Los Angeles, and some other areas the residential markets were effected. But, did the vacation rentals go down in these markets? Is there a way to find out? Is there an online booking system or a online booking software company that aggregates the industry trends and directions.The US dollar dropping in value to the Euro and Canadian in the past year has brought a lot of travelers to the US. That I have heard from CNBC and some other news organizations. There has also been hefty investments by foreign companies etc, for example the $6B investment in to Citi by Dubai etc. So as far as Vacation rentals are concerned are we seeing people booking online, I think so. Is the vacation homes market hot in Florida Vacation rentals or Southern California such as San Diego, Los Angeles or maybe Northern Cal as they call it in the bay area of San Francisco? My guess is that yes it is, it is warm at the least. The rich are getting richer aren’t they?

I heard that Las Vegas is not slowing down as a vacation hot spot. Now I bet during the week with Consumer Electronic Show, and the High tech stock rallies of late, Las Vegas must be booming. Now, we know that Wealthy Europeans love to visit South Beach and Miami as their Vacation Hot Spot, I bet more of them are coming over this holiday season. So Florida still remains a great place for online booking software systems to keep chugging away I bet?:-).

New York with it’s incredible holiday season shopping is sure to be another Vacation hot spot, that is till Christmas and New Years as a top vacation rental. I bet people don’t rent any vacation homes, or their are no places that don’t offer online bookings, it’s the hotels or apartments to rent. I wonder is Boston or New England have any vacation rentals available this time of year? I did go to Cape Cod a year ago, and we rented a cabin for a week. I went their for my friends wedding in October, beautiful fall weekend. And the Inn owner did say that the vacation rental season for them really is the spring and summer.

Why are we talking so much about Vacation home rentals and vacation hot spots with the online bookings twist. Well, our friends are launching this amazing online booking software engine for vacation rentals. It will be private labeled to vacation rental websites and vacation hot spot websites have to be local, so we are going to high light a lot of these sites, and hot Vacation Rentals in the US, and around the globe. Think of us as the vacation rentals online booking source. The coolest thing about this project for me is, I get to get paid to write and Blog about stuff that I like and see on the Travel Channel. Bon Voyage!

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How to decide which Keywords to SEO?

How to Decide which keywords to SEO for?

Hi Did the post on my Seo blog templates blog, it's linked enough to from here, so you can go there when you wish:-). I did this with a combination of blackberry and typing on my laptop to finish the blog, cool stuff, thanks Blackberry!

How to decide which Keywords to SEO?

Recently I have been trying to write the best SEO blogs content and popsts. I have been trying to think of a topic for days, the standard for my writing has to be getting higher. You have to forgive me, I may not have come up with anything unique or big time insight. But, being one of the worlds best SEO, #29 in Google for the keywords “SEO“, we are busy, and our goal is to give the simplest INSIGHTS. We are doing this to help you Blogcast your Brand, do SEO for your blogs, and grow your sales. choices-photo-blogWe call this process Internet Marketing 2.0.Before we do anything in SEO, we look at Keywords. We look at the SERPS, Search Engine Result Pages of the site within certain keywords of focus. We look at site structure, content and links, all of them with one thing in mind: KEYWORDS.

So how should you pick the most appropriate keywords to SEO for your business? Follow these simple steps:

1. The first thing to do is to go to Click on the Keyword tool in the middle of the page, and use this and only this for your keyword searches. Everything else is not important, Overture from Yahoo is totally off, we no longer support them, they also have too many technical issues.

2. Search for 1 or two words that desribe your business. For example for our friend/clients, they are in the Barter and Trade Exchange network for small business. But what they really do is help small business marketing for their members. They help small business trade and exchange by buying and selling in a professional barter network. So you want to look at all Barter related keywords, and SEO those words first. But, if ITEX already ranks high in Barter, and wants to expand, they may want to target and do keyword searches around small business marketing, which is the global category where Barter falls in to.

3. Look at Why people will choose your keywords? london-people-photo-blogSo for the previous example, look at why people Barter? Do they do it to be altruistic? No silly, they do it to sell their products and services. So they are looking to market their products, right? Right on, also who Barters big companies or small? Small right? So small business marketing becomes a global keyword to SEO for a Barter Network. Does this strategy makes sense, hope so.

4. Find Synonyms or search for ancillary keywords on too. This way you will not only cover your bases, but may find more traffic and more meaningful keywords. These SEO blogs are getting long, and it’s getting late. So we will start with next part and call it the Keywords series.

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She is so beautiful, can sing too?

Designer Jewelry

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Silver Designer Jewelry Out and About Dec 17th

Author: Jill Brahms of December 18th, 2007

Beyonce Knowles arrived at the launch of the new Armani scent ‘Diamonds‘ in Milan, Italy loaded down designer jewelery.

Beyonce silver hoop earrings Armani Diamonds

First, let’s notice her giant silver hoop earrings. They look like double hoops. And they are at least4 inches in diameter. We’re seeing these huge hoops everywhere these days!

Beyonce silver jewelry hoop earrings Armani Diamonds

Beyonce silver bracelet Armani Diamonds

Taking a closeup of the wrist and fingerwear - she wore two giant link Silver bracelets and two bangles on the other side. The Silver Jewelry bracelets look Italian, and being that this party was in Milan, they probably are. Notice all of her pieces, even the Silver rings, are the perfect silver toned Jewelry. Beyonce, once a gold jewelry devotee, is now seen mostly wearing designer silver jewelry and other white metals, such as platinum. Cross Jewelry is not featured as big in this blog, but still a hot trend in Silver Jewelry, wait till you see our line:-).

*as always this Designer Jewelry bloggers bills are paid by the folks at and Infrared Heaters by, better than Edenpure Heaters. Thanks for supporting them and visiting their site.

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Sell through Barter Network

Barter Items

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Our friend and adviser Steve White is the CEO of ITEX Corporation, a small business Barter and Trade Exchange Network. Before we tell you the full scope of this blog, you may be wondering, some thing. So what is a Barter or Trade Small Business trade exchange network? Yes, you guessed it, that is what we intended to write this Barter blog about, No pun intended. buying a book, photo-blog,

Barter has been around as long as humans have been trading or doing business. Before, there was big business, I am sure you remember there was small business. In today’s complex business environment, we can’t even talk about big business, small business have unique needs and so that would be where ITEX Barter a Trade Exchange network fits in. ITEX is a professional Barter network that helps 22,000 professional business trade their goods and services. How does a Barter Network work, and is this good for your business? If you want to grow your small business, we think you should definitely use a professional Barter network.

If you are a small business, there is no doubt you probably have traded your products or services for others. We often do this not only to barter items that we don’t want, but to reach new customers, to reduce costs, and to grow our small business. We have blogged recently about how barter items can within a trade exchange network can actually help us find a product for our home. But, the key here is to not do this lightly or look at it in a small way. Bartering for your small business, can actually help you grow your business in a significant way, but, a big but that is on the size of the Barter network you belong to. Carpet Sale photo blog trade from

If you just Barter or trade with another person your choice of getting a product you really want is low. But if you barter with another small business part of a large trade exchange network such as ITEX you get to choose from 22,000 other product/service providers. So how does all this work? You become a member of ITEX and get started with your Barter dollars. Does it cost anything? Well, yes a small membership fee gets you started and makes sure it’s a professional trade exchange network. The small fee also makes sure that the Barter network and all small business follow a legal and official federal law for taxes etc.

So join ITEX today and start to trade your Barter items through the professional trade exchange network.


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To blog or not to Blog, that is the Question?

I read an interesting post a few months ago and it said to not blog everyday. At the time, I thought it was not such a good idea. But since that day, I have been blogging less and less. I wonder to my self about Quality versus quantity, and quality wins. Too bad for the SEO value of blogging everyday is higher, Google puts significant emphasis on external links coming in to your site or blog. And, also on blog type fresh content, I am not saying that is bad, because I don't know of a better way.

Content is not always king as we know from SEO and top search results. I noticed that for a friends Silver Jewelry site that I am SEOing, that they need a minimum of 1000 links to get on the first page. I hate to admit, but contextual links with proper keywords really is the key. Google does mix up is SEO ranking mix, as we discussed a few weeks on the topic of where to blog. We noticed and told you blogging on eBay if you can, Matt Cutts even mentions that if you sell stuff on eBay the better. So go sell stuff, for SEO? Well at least be real, not spam and blog on eBay.

Back to our topic of how often we should blog? I have chosen to not blog everyday on my SEO blog templates blog, because I really want it to be about quality. To blog well or to write well, one needs to focus on creativity of expression and real value to it readers. Blabbing about a topic just for SEO blogs value is no good, but some times necessary and we see people doing it. This will over time lead to demise of the cache of the blogging industry, but the great and well thought out bloggers/writers will win again.

Till than, blog your way to the Top!