Saturday, March 29, 2008 Lights Out Save Energy Tonight

Need I say more? We are big in to this scene as we own a energy saving site called

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Blog about Walmart--Why They are the worst company in the world?

1. They sued and went after a severely injured ex-employee for her health cost.

2. They treat their suppliers terribly, every vendor knows this, but they are afraid of them.

3. Their employees are under-paid and Walmart lost a huge benefits and over time case a few years ago.

***You get the drift, I am sure you find satisfaction in low low prices, but at What cost, someone is paying isn't it going to be us, our friends and family.

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Christopher Gardner Rags to Riches on CNN Glenn Beck

I usually don't like Glenn Beck, not because he is a bad guy. I actually like him, but his conservative views throw me a lot. He is not very socially conscious, he is much more harder on individual accountability. I want people to be accountable, but the system misleads them so much. So much in fact, that the chances for success is setup for the rich getting richer.

I love the story that Glenn Beck is promoting, The Rags To Riches story of Christopher Gardner. Glenn does support inspiration of individuals to act in support of family. I only wish he would support some social causes to help the poor. And some educational and social issues that are more progressive in nature.

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We are trying to create a great list of business blogs, and we want your input. Can you believe there is no comprehensive list, read this blog I wrote in our SEO Blogs and SEO Consultants blog yesterday, enjoy:

Best Business Blogs..recommend one, and get credit

I was going to write about this topic on one of our others blogs, but I wanted more users to see it and and especially SEO consultants or marketing types, who also want a link to their site. So can you please recommend some business blogs for me? i needed exposure for this article…I really want your answers! 947418_our_precious_baby_girl-photo-blog-fromsxchu.jpg

I seriously can’t find even a few best business blogs, How am I going to find the top 10 best business blogs. I friggin can’t believe, it, I have been searching for different websites and blogs blogging about the best business blogs, and there aren’t any except for TWO (at the moment I start this blog), I can recommend. Two does not make a list folks, two is like, well 2. That does not make a list of any thing, not even best business blogs. I will recommend at least one, so stay tuned, and other one of them is not even a business blog, it’s a marketing blog. 963392_people_in_lijiang_china_from-sxchu-photo-blog.jpg So how do I find a business blog and why should I care? I don’t want to read about technology that is covered enough, I want insights in to the business world, maybe I am just thinking it’s too broad? Got an idea recommend it for me? I can just hear my kid at home “DAD WANTS a Business Blog for Christmas, Mom did you hear me< href="" title="Business Blog">business blog“. This dad wants to know, because he wants to pass help business resources and blog about business news. And he wants to actually create a b2b and business social networking site, to help continue the entrepreneurial spirit of America!947422_our_precious_baby_girl-photo-blog-sxchu.jpg

Well your kids are probably more technical than me, as mine are. Did I mention that my kids are only 2 1/2 and 6 1/4? That quarter sure matters when you are six, it’s like a huge percentage of the total, so it’s important. Boy they change so fast, and are so much brighter every day. Liam the two year old goes on the computer and wants to watch his DVD. He is 2 years old, I thought kids didn’t talk at the age of like 6, they know how to text already at 2 now days. Do your kids text at the age of 2 1/2? Why am I going on and on about my kids, filler man, filler. Blogging is about entertaining as it is as much about business blogs? Just kidding.. We are trying (coming soon, like days away), to create a b2b and business social networking site, and if we don’t entertain you, you won’t come back right:-). 971149_baby_girl-photo-blog-fromsxchu.jpg

Ok, I think I am going to continue to rant about why I can’t find a good list of business blogs. While I do that, I do have to send you to my favorite marketing blog at the least, it’s called It’s by, you guessed it, Seth Godin, the marketing guru of all marketing gurus. If you type in blog on Google, you should see the Blogging platform, we are top 10 in Free Blogs, Free Blog, #1 Create a blog, on and on, but No! Who do you see, at the top 10 Seth’s blog, that is what I am talking about, his blog is not just one of the best marketing blogs, it’s one of the top 10 blogs Period. That is amazing, Seth, he is so creative, who wouldn’t recommend him.

Without further ado, here is a list of top 5 business blogs, suggest yours and I will add them to the bottom of the list and give you credit and a link.

1. (the best business blog focused on marketing)

2. (The most entertaining business, devices and technology blog)

3. (By, list of Business Blogs by experts in specific subject areas).

4. (Heck, why not mention a technology business blog, they are the best at the moment).

5. (It’s too busy of a website and sales oriented, too many ads, but it’s a great resource from what I hear, he has 174k readers by FeedBurner).

**So I am going to be lazy here and stop at the list at 5, I want the rest to be of others, and or any other one’s I find business blogs worthy. So check back on this list, and see if your blog is listed. Or recommend one for me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What is CRM?

I wrote this on our blogging platform at, as I think it's interesting for online businesses to be aware of CRM software. We are obviously creating a b2b and business social networking site, the objective is that for these businesses who join our business social network will increase their exposure and gain customers from our community. If you have more than 2 or three customers, nothing is more important than having an online CRM system to help you communicate and manage those relationships. And, as you will read I do have a lot of knowledge in this space that should help all businesses, enjoy:

What is CRM?

CRM Overview No Comments »

A friend of mine recently became the Director of Product marketing at a local CRM Software provider in Seattle. I had a meeting with him and his Director of Marketing on Friday, and it went well enough that I decided to write this blog on the latest CRM trends, directions, and analysis. Before, we start I want to mention that this is probably my most knowledgeable area of expertise. I invested in Clarify one of the original CRM Software companies, which got sold to Nortel back in 1999. I also have had investors and friends who co-founded large CRM software companies that went public with stock prices over $100/share. I have also wanted to start my own CRM software as a services, Internet company, and actually had someone develop the software for us, needless to say it did not work out. And, we never fully developed the business plan, though we had a great URL called, which I don’t even know if we still own. We have given up so many URL’s in the last year, just due to budgetary concerns. Believe me, there are still good one’s to have. So getting back to the world of CRM software and CRM with Internet and mass emailing functions is what I wanted to create.

It seems as my friends company had created probably the best system in the world. They are super well funded, and we might do some work for the, from an SEO and lead generation perspective. So I thought I would start this blog on CRM. Before we get further, I wanted to define in simple terms what is CRM? Not just the acronym definition, but what it really helps businesses accomplish, and how it’s coming down stream to contact management and email functionality. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it is the software that helps to manage interactions with customers, it came from the customer service perspective in large companies, but is now focused towards sales force automation.

Large companies needed CRM software to help them manage their contacts with existing customers and keep track of customer services issues, and client records. On the other end sales people needed account information on companies and clients. In the middle were product and inventory management systems, that really didn’t have anything to do with CRM, but if integrated with customer databases would be a great tool. Well focus that is where CRM software has come today, any information about a customer, the companies interactions with prospects and clients, even which products were shipped to them, and when. To be able to access this information from a login account on the internet from any where any computer or cell phone, that is where CRM software is going today, and is already.

So you can imagine, as technology sales executive as my first career, an SEO Consultant now days, and a marketing expert with over 16+ years of technology experience I have learned a few things about sales and marketing management. I am excited to see an amazing CRM software company in Seattle, until we sign a contract with them, I am going to keep the name elusive to you all, but i do love the company offices and people that I met there on Friday. So stay tuned for great CRM advice, Information and insights to help you make a great CRM software decision.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ah so close to launching the Business Social networking site..

Before I get in to the SEO for bloggers article, which is below, I wanted to mention a few things about Business Social Networking. What’s so interesting is that i’s at the intersection of B2B and social networking. So I was doing some research on the keyword Business Social Networking, and out pops this article below from 2005. 966001_frangipani-from-sxchu-photo-blog.jpg The year of the start of Social Networking, with the screaming entrance of MySpace and Facebook making headlines, but most importantly The article below talks about a site, which I had known for a while, but had no Idea that it was heavily invested or owned by Read the article if you need to but, business social networking is finally making a big leap towards businesses from the hype only social media aspect.

The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Social networking: A link to like minds


I can’t wait to finish the series on SEO for bloggers, it’s keeping me from writing original content. So below is the article from our previous blogging coach. Yes, we are still working on our b2b and business social networking site, it’s getting closer, but running in to some design issues at the moment. The best part is that the business social networking technical features are all done, it’s just about the design at the moment enjoy the article below:

June 27th, 2007 at 10:01 pm by Bc in Social Media Networks, Link Building, SEO for Bloggers, Blogging Techniques

So we’ve established the search engines love sites with tons of incoming links, and we’ve talked about a few different ways to earn them. 953797_asientos_fromsxchu-photo-blog.jpg However, I have yet to mention a major source of traffic - the social media sites. Granted, using the social media networks as a source of links isn’t typically considered part of SEO, but they can be very useful when used properly.

How to Play the Social Media Game:

Social media can be defined as the online technologies and practices people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives (thanks wikipedia!). Although social media is generally used as an umbrella term that encompasses everything from YouTube to Second Life, bloggers can utilize content-sharing sites like Digg,, Reddit, and Stumble Upon and social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Linked In.* Here is a preview of our Business Social Network below: latestlayoutinjpeg.jpg

First of all, syndicate your blog content on all the social media networks that you have profiles on, as well as any directories that index content related to your niche. You don’t have to reprint entire posts, rather, just copy the first few sentences - use it like a teaser or preview, and then be sure to link to it with “read more” or “continue”. After all, if someone is comes across your profile on any social media site, they’d probably be interested in your blog too. Be sure to get some of your keywords in the in the “teaser” part, however, so you’re playing to the search engines as well as the readers.

Second, become an active participant in social content sites like Digg, along with popular forums in your niche. You have to give some to get some, after all, and by reading and interacting on these, you’ll learn what kind of content is well received. Over all, however, it pays to be bold, to show off your passions, and to create content that has value for your users. This is where link baiting (in the altruistic “creating compelling content” sense) can really pay off.

Note: when you’re submitting posts to the social media networks, aim for “scannable” content - easily digestible article with bulleted or numbered lists, headings and subheadings, and charts and graphs. Reading on the web is not the same as reading a book - most people tend to just scan over things and pick up the main ideas.

Viral Ideas and Blogging

Viral marketing and viral content are major buzzwords these days, and for good reason. An idea, a post, a website, or an application can go viral and get thousands of links and millions of hits in a matter of hours. Of course, these can be shallow hits and non-targeted traffic, but the viral marketers do have a point - people spread ideas and share content that’s easily understandable, benefits the user in some way (even if it’s only to make them smile - look at how quickly things like lolcats get around), and neatly packaged (perhaps in the form of a concise, well-written blog post).

*This is by no means an exhaustive list, and it may take some research and trial and error to figure what communities are best suited to your purposes.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Competition: a great equalizer and better for consumers

This is probably a silly example, but nonetheless an important reminder. There a great Organic coffee shop near my house, it's half a block away. It's an amazing place, but the owner is getting fat (figure of speech for getting lazy and lossing his edge) and does not listen to it's customers. I have asked very politely for a faster Wifi (it's comparatively very very slow). And asked a couple of times for them to carry more inventory of my favorite cinnamon roll, they run out by 9:30am. That's not too much to ask, especially as my family and I go there every day, usually more than once.

They didn't listen and now they have lost about 20% of their business, because a new style Donut/Coffee House opened up across the street. Now the coffee is still better at my old favorite, and they are getting faster Internet Access, but Why now and is it too late? They are getting it because Top pot opened up across the street, and as usual competition is making them realize that they need to listen to their customers.

So as always competition is better for consumers, as it keeps everyone on the edge and provide better products and services.

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