Sunday, June 22, 2008

Travel Shows production and beneficiaries of Rick Steve's expertise

I just finished watching Rick Steve's travel show on Milan, and a look at what happens in the back ground with the production crew. There is so much that goes on in the background, it really is amazing. Rick Steve is from Edmonds WA, about 15 minutes north of Seattle. He is amazing and provides so much information about art and culture to complete any and all information on top vacation spots. Our blog Vacation Top Spots @ really is about providing incredible/comprehensive information.

The best thing about Ricks Travel shows and Travel shows in general is the amazing visual scenary, the taste of exotic foods, and meeting people. The learning of international vacation spots and destinations is underlying, but in the background. What is apparent is the beautiful essence of he local attractions and beauty of these far away places. Rick is of course well known for his travel guide book, "Europe through the back roads book tour", he updates it every year. We need to contact him, and see how we can start generating revenues from his content for all of us benefit from.

While, I was working today, I saw a stat that Expedia had 25m visitors a month, versus 11m-15m for Travelocity, way to go Expedia, you are the travel and vacation spots site. I actually almost went to work for this great vacations and travel site. Why do I keep using the word vacations in this blog? Well you know, we are trying to SEO for the keyword vacation spots and vacation rentals. Our friend has a website for the VRBO world, called and they are a great vacation rentals for owners service provider. I think their software will be a great asset for vacation rentals property owners. The guys at MyTypes free blogs and blogging platform, Keith and Bennett are still providing SEO Services for a select few clients, such as the web design st. louis guys, VRBO for Rent expert, Silver Jewelry for Oh yeah can't forget the folks at PeopleFinders for their business on background checks, and background check. Besides SEOing their own site for the keywords create a blog, free blogs, and marketing book, yes they are selling that marketing book online. Don't know how many copies they have sold, a few I am sure.