Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Secret to your eSuccess, is the #1 SEO Tool

I write a lot about blogging, SEO, SEO Tools and all sorts of topics to help business people promote their blogs and websites. I have been blogging for 4 years, and certainly, there are lots of people who know more about Search Engine Marketing than I do. But, I can simplify things for you. I have a nack for keeping things simple, sometimes that is.

The secret to your eSuccess is Blogging, especially with the right keywords on,, and/or as these two blogging platforms are the best.

Why Blogging?

Search Engines consider Blogs news, and rank them high for results. Why or How? Each blog has a date stamp, Search Engine Marketing can trick search engines, but good SEO Tools always talk about the proper content, not just tricks and strategies. So if you have good content, you need to blog about it.

Why on, * my favorite blogging system, Wordpress, or Blogger?

We at have optimized even Wordpress and built in SEO, that is why we rank so high for keywords such as "Create blog" "Wordpress SEO" etc. So the #1 blogging platform Wordpress is better with us. Why Blogger? Because it is owned by Google, it's not only the easiest to use, but also indexed by Google often. Can you imagine why?

Do you understand, Why Blogging is the #1 SEO Tool? Because it provides fresh content to Search Engines. Now you do need other SEO tools such as Keyword Analysis, Keyword Density, Site Structure, Link Popularity. But, those will never make you as popular as the right content. Because no matter what trick or strategy you follow to get great Search Engine Marketing results, your need to provide valuable content when you get their attention.

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