Monday, October 01, 2007

Bullish on Home Builder Stocks, that's right Citigroup Analyst just said so

Ok, I try hard not to watch too much TV. I do love CNBC, and some times, I find people there are very smart. This analyst with Citigroup, Steven Kim, just said a bunch of smart stuff about the home builder stocks. Basically he said that the home builders stocks have been hammered, and need to go up. He said that in the last 30 years this has only happened 3 times, where the Home Builder stocks have been so beatup. And, usually after that they have run up to 40%, wow!

He was careful and specific to mention, that he is not saying "The housing fundamentals have changed". He did go on to say, that we will build a bunch of new homes in the next 10 years, and of course we will. There is a boom in the US population, that I think will continue.

By the time we see the fundamentals change he said, the stocks will have run up too much. Well not too much, but run up enough, that it might be hard to buy at the bottom. I am contrarian, so I think the stocks will do well. Enjoy, I love smart real estate people, keeping you informed, off I go in Sunny Seattle.