Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Life on a Pier, series by Vipin Singh of

Yesterday I told you about why I wanted to write this series, of being out on the limb, taking risks as Entrepreneurs, doing the right things, of failing, of succeeding, and of staying positive to thrive and strive rather than dwell in the negative emotions or circumstances of one's life. This is obviously easier said than done, I struggled with it today. Paul the goof ball x-contractor who said some out right false statements, was in my head all day. I struggled to stay positive and forgive him and me for making the mistakes. His lies and malicious attacks raised my anger level to a boiling point. I spoke with Keith today, and he told me that he asked Paul sent Keith his Laptop back. Yes, paul still has his laptop, and my designer laptop case worth about $400--it was given as a gift to me back in 2005. We did so much for Paul, and he thanked us kicking us and lieing about us totally when we were down. So today, I went for two one hour walks, on the journey to stay positive, and while I struggled, I achieved some serenity and found out that this blog title and blog of Triumph, yeah, that's what this is, My Life On A Pier (limb), is about Triumph, yeah, simple I got it.

I learned a few things on my walk, here some simple tips for Entrepreneurs or any one else out on a Pier (Limb) taking risks.

1. First of all, Individual accountability is everything, accept your faults, your mistakes, admit guilt, and forgive yourself, don't dwell in it all day.

2. Be nice to your self, and everyone you can, even if they are not, try to be nice enough to walk away.

3. In tough situations, especially really, reall stressful ones, Walk, Walk, Walk a lot, read a book, read inspirational books.

4. I am going to make this my last one, as I need material for tomorrow, don't I? Go for your Dreams, go for them, as high as big as you want. Try to do it with a plan, slowly, with advice, etc, etc, but no matter how bad things get, keep going after the solutions, oops, I mean :-), YOUR DREAMS!

There are enough examples of people achieving them with great heights and valleys to go through, some with many many more obstacles than you ever imagined. God Bless the Dreamers!


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Celebrity Jewelry Blog by

Our friends at have come up with an amazing theme, Celebrity Jewelry blog, and it kind of sort of just happened. Do you like my casual language, well, I do try to keep things a little light. A few months ago we told them start blogging about their cross rings and cross jewelry at We told them to use photo’s in their blogs, and to pick a theme and blog often, Jill Brahms the Cross jewelry designer, did that. But, because she is true designer at heart, she took that to a new level, she started to find beautiful pictures of celebrities wearing jewelry. Wow what a cool concept, and she has carved her niche, not just by SEOing, but by blogging about her passions. I am sure she is about to become world famous for her celebrity jewelry blog, you heard it first. Here are recent posts from the Celebrity Jewelry blog, so enjoy folks. Remember the theme for any SEO project is to keep blogging, but to with focus and pictures. This will help you blogcast your brand, and build annuity in your brand and people will search for your name, not just find on Search Engines.

Newest Designs

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Designer Silver Jewelry Sighting: Kylie Minogue

Author: Loverelic January 15th, 2008

Kylie Minogue Syndey airport silver hoop earrings

Even though they are gold, we had to report on the Sydney Airport sighting of Kylie Minogue today. She is dressed in all black with a pair of microscopically thin hoop earrings, about 2.5″ in diameter (everyone is wearing that size hoop lately). Notice there is a tiny charm hanging off each hoop. Our prediction is that the silver charm hoop earring is going to be a huge trend in 2008. You heard it here first, people.

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Designer Silver Jewelry Sighting: Mary J Blige

Author: Loverelic January 13th, 2008

Mary J Blige GM celebrates a night of cars and stars silver hoop earrings

Mary J Blige performed at the GM Celebrates A Night of Cars and Stars show yesterday, in a pair of giant silver hoop earrings. The silver hoop earrings are a staple of Mary’s jewelry uniform lately. Work it Mary!

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Designer Silver Jewelry Sighting: Natasha Bedingfield

Author: Loverelic January 10th, 2008

Natasha Bedingfield john lennon educational tour bus at ces silver bracelets 2 Natasha Bedingfield john lennon educational tour bus at ces silver braceletsNatasha Bedingfield wore her usual armloads of silver bracelets on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus at CES. She mixes up her look by combining the thick 1″ silver bangle bracelet, studded leather and silver cuff bracelet, and a woven bracelet. Very cute and casual.

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Designer Silver Jewelry Sighting: Thomas Dekker

Author: Loverelic January 8th, 2008

Thomas Dekker Terminator silver cross necklace Thomas Dekker Terminator silver cross necklace close

(photo: Getty Images)

Silver cross jewelry sighting! “Heroes” actor Thomas Dekker and the cast of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicals“gathered for a little meet and greet earlier this week. Here, Thomas is wearing a matching set of silver cross necklaces with a matte texture. We’re not sure if Thomas has a thing for the wife beater shirt, or if he is trying to emulate the uber-buff Linda Hamilton circa 1984 in the original Terminator movie.

Linda Hamilton Terminator jewelry

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Designer Silver Jewelry Sighting: Nicky Hilton

Author: Loverelic January 6th, 2008

Nicky Hilton Color Salon Grand Opening Los Vegas silver necklace earrings Nicky Hilton Color Salon Grand Opening Los Vegas silver necklace Nicky Hilton Color Salon Grand Opening Los Vegas silver earrings

(photo: Getty Images)

Nicky Hilton, who was once a frequent gold jewelry wearer is suddenly popping up with all kinds of designer silver jewelry pieces. Here she is last week in Las Vegas at the opening of Color Studio. She is sporting some nice 2″ silver hoop earrings and a silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of a leaf. The chain is an 18″ cable. We think this necklace was made by Jennifer Meyer, who happens to share a 9 month old baby daughter with Toby Maguire.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My life on a Pier by Vipin Singh of

Check out my Life on a Pier a story of being on the edge, and fishing for success as an entrepreneur. We are all out on a limb taking risks, instead of using the words being on a limb, I am using the analogy of being on a pier. I am writing a personal blog, up close and personal, of being rich, of being broke, of doing the right thing, and still being called names and lied to by people. Of staying positive, of keeping on, of having, heart and gut renching truth of a roller coaster ride. Finding the inspiration and moving forward with my faith, of not letting anything get in the way.

I am very grateful for amazing people in my life, being on the pier does not mean you are alone, you can be fishing with other people. And you have people giving you tips on how to catch fish, the true entrepreneurial spirit really is not just about having money and success, it's really about helping others catch fish. So come on join me at my blog and join my life on a pier blog community.

Vipin k Singh
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Florida hot spots and Vacation Rentals

Over time our vacation rental software and blog website will help you find the best locations Palm-beach-florida-vacation-rentals-software-photo-blog for Vacation rentals in Florida and beyond. How can we say that, when we haven’t even launched our online booking system yet? You will see, patience my deal blog readers, patience. When looking for a vacation rental property, what is the most important thing to look for? Wouldn’t you agree if I said location: why yes, it always comes down to that word doesn’t it.If you ever stayed at Disney world in Florida, it’s a dramatically different experience if you stay at the hotels on the Disney property, versus outside the park. Staying at the Disney Inn’s Not only will you save time and hassle by the best location, your holiday can be totally made. Food choices, You have all heard about the tropical climate of Florida and it’s large vacation hot spots such as Disney World, but our Vacation rentals software gives you much more tFlorida-destin-beach-photo-bloghan vacation hot spots. Our tools provide the vacation rentals property owners amazing features to provide consumers, local amenities, Google Maps, personal websites, and best of all Local attractions with events and easy to add information such as blogs etc.

Why is all that information valuable when searching for vacation rentals, it’s the location but, what’s the differences of Locations, which locations have the best restaurants, the best beaches, best views, and best markets near by. So you see it’s not just about the location, it’s nearby that you love. Food and restaurants along with easy access to attractions, events and activities of your choice. Before we forget about our Florida vacation rentals topic, let’s talk next about what makes Florida the #1 vacation hot spot state in the mainland, well the most searched any way:-), I am sure the numbers of research show the same too.

So what makes FloridaDisney-fl-vacation-rental-photo-blog the #1 vacation rentals state for Holidays? No it’s not Disney world, it’s why Disney world chose to be there, it’s the Location. Florida has the perfect weather, but it’s close proximity to the East Coast and a short flight from major metropolitan areas such as NYC, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, and all the rest. So what are the most visited vacation spots in Florida, and consequentially Florida Vacation rentals. #1 has to be Orlando with it’s Disney World, Universal Studios, etc, etc..I think you get that don’t you:-). #2 has to be South Beach the fashion and Beauty of beaches and models of Miami. Why Miami, it’s the Party Capitol of North America and the most international Latin and European style city in North America. #3 you say, that’s a tricky one, but the Florida Vacation rentals have to be The Keys as they say. #4, don’t forget about the old retirees and their little get aways in Naples and Ft. Meyers, the fishing trips and boats, oh yeah the PGA is down there to. #5 has to be beaches in Miami_beach_photo-blog around the Florida Pan Handle, what is the Spring Break Capitol down there, I have never been Daytona beach is it? #6 well you can’t forget about the beautiful beaches on the Atlantic near Jacksonville. #7 and beyond, we really need to discuss, I mean who are we trying to impress, Tampa Bay, they are so not worth our time:-). Well may be you will some attractions from our vacation rentals software and online booking system, as the local attraction feature maybe worth a drive to Tampa from Orlando!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aussie.. Aussie... Aussie... Oay.. Oay... Oay...

It's summer time in Australia, the Australian Open is on in Melbourne, and it's a great winter get away for North Americans. The people of this large island nation are one of my favorite, they are so well traveled, beautiful, and fun loving, I love everything about them. In fact, my favorite event ever in life was the Sydney 2000 Olympics. The people of Australia showed their true colors and the beauty of the land and sea shows off in it's green and blue excitements, only to not be forgotten by the big Orange rock Uluru, also called Ayers rock. So a trip to Australia cannot be called complete, without a visit to this amazingly hot and barron Norther central territory. As you will see from a a series of blog articles we will high light the top attractions brought to you by the folks at vacation rental software and online booking software

First stop to any vacation hot spot, should start with the official tourism website, and in this case it's called, how original and top of the .Com are the Aussie's. Go Aussies Go!

My favorite place to visit in Australia will have to be the Sydney Opera house, and Sydney harbor bridge and the beaches of this incredible city. I can't imagine taking a visit in Australia without renting a beach vacation home, and it must be done through our Vacation rental software and online booking system, right? Hopefully by the time, I plan a trip there, we will have many vacation rentals properties listed. Not to worry, we will list many VRBO type websites, yes that stands for Vacation Rental By Owners, just like For Sale By Owner for FSBO, a term familiar by vacation rentals by Owners. Sorry real estate agents your time has come and gone, the Internet is making vacation rentals better, and our vacation rental software and online booking software will provide more features than you ever did, and no commission to worry about:-).

Now besides Sydney, the #2 vacation spot in Australia has to the Great Barrier Reef, **Click on the picture to visit the Parks website: in Queensland. Did you know that it's the only living thing visible from space? Did you also know that the barrier reef is made up of living and dangerous sea algae, but don't worry it's safe and it's visited by many hundreds of thousands and millions of people every year.

So what is the #3 most visited vacation spot in Australia, is it Melbourne or is it the Great big rock Uluru. I don't know, I think the travel channel had a special naming the top 10 places to visit in Australia. Where would you go? Since Australia is about The Outback, and we all want to see a Kangaroo, I think the great rock of Uluru makes the list. So does Melbourne for me, and I bet it's easier to rental vacation homes in Melbourne and surrounding beaches? No doubt we will be promoting our vacation spots via our blogs at and of course our vacation rental software and online booking system will power this and thousands of others VRBO destinations.

The best things in life..mean business

Are not usually free, but freedom to think what you want and be is often one of the most desirable things, especially if we don't have it. I was looking to write some thing substantial about small business and or vacation rental software or cross jewelry and cross rings by, all of our favorite clients. Well, why don't I just add the Comfortzone Infrared Heaters, which are better than edenpure heaters. As I really want to help to SEO our blogging clients, with our small business blogs, the most important aspect of marketing in my opinion. I don't know why I started to write about free things, I just wanted to start blogging about what would make me feel happy tonight, I guess being productive is what makes me happy, besides hanging out with my family.

Not that I am depressed or anything, I just wanted to write about feeling better or figuring out what I should do rest of the evening. I watched football earlier today, walked for my exercise prior to that and spent time with my family. Life is good, but it's only 7pm on Sunday, the Australian Open is on, but I don't want to watch TV, i would rather be traveling to Australia or some other place, hopefully my friends at vacation rental software will allow me too. So I started to write on this blackberry. Oh if you are a small business person, well business person, you really should have a blackberry, why you ask? I don't care how long it takes you to get use to it, but email and phone are the two most important small business tools, and a blackberry combines them in to it. This tool will also save you time, and add quality to your life, by freeing you from your computer. Imagine you can follow up on your email from any where, instead ofhaving to be stuck in your office.

I want to feel productive, what is this uneasiness that I have about not doing anything. I mean, tomorrow is Monday, and I will be going to work at bartering company ITEX, surely will have enough time to work there. It's a big week at work, I have a presentation I will be doing to come up with the best solutions for small business, especially my recommendations to grow registerations and signups for ITEX barter network to grow our small business online marketplace. This includes building business community features to either MyTypes or ITEX, I think it is easier easier to build any features. But the key is to know, what small business owners want and provide it to them, and hopefully for free.

To provide the best online services to a small business we have to understand their issues. What are the most important issues they face, and what specifically can we help them with? I am sure they face many issues such as legal, administrative, accounting, marketing and sales. You can read more small business help issues and solutions on our new SBA and small business blog at