Monday, December 29, 2008

Larry Elders is a an Idiot

If Larry Elders did not make an ass out of himself on CNN today, I
don't know how any one could deny it. Larry was over emotional,
violentaly defensive and tried to blame the Democratic party for ring
racist. Larry Elder you are a loser without a political party.

Everyone knows that the majority of the Republican parties
conservative wing is racist. Just look at how ugly and offensive they
are to minorities and international people. They also are the least
educated and least culturally sensitive. They, the republicans are
also dumb as far international politics, business, and blame
everything on poor minorities. Hey Larry did you forget that
conservatives an republicans blame re financial banks mess on poor
minority inner city home buyers. Dude get over it, maybe the letters
CDO's and deregulation mean anything to you.

I know why you are angry, because you recently found out that your
nasty racist party, the Republicans did not let you win - vote as an
African American! Stop being bitter you angry old man, just be nice.


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