Monday, May 28, 2007

The Drive of an Immigrant

This Blogging guys Memorial weekend just ended, and with all of our busy lives, hopefully you all got to spend some time with your family. I know I did, and I feel blessed for it. A good friend of mine, who rips on President Bush often, just sent me this Link, so enjoy. I am glad to see that people supporting all of the people who sacrifice for our freedom as a nation.

I heard Larry King of CNN say something profoundly Stupid today, he questions a reporter saying "How Difficult is it reporting on this unpopular war?". I said to myself "As oppose to all of those popular and exciting wars, that we all supported? Get over it Larry, no wars are popular nor should they be".

Ok, you are reading my post, not because you want my war commentary, but because you like reading my posts?;-)

As you know of my motivational Inspirational immigrant side, I am interested in making you money, and I guarantee that if you follow my advice you will be richer next year. What am I willing to do, to back it up? Well, let's just say I will give you $20 and pay another $100 to a charity of your choice. So what do you have to do to make more money next year? Blog for 10 minutes each day, with only a total of 200 blog postings next year. Why did I give away the secret key so soon, this ended up being a long email, sorry:-( You can stop now if you like, start posting at!!

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Even Dilbert, and Why all the hype? And why have I not told you about it yet? Well, actually I probably have in passing, but not clearly. And especially not it's true value, most people, even the super smart techies who work for our company don't see it's value. Most of us can't even define what it is. Why? And what is This eSecret? Before I tell you, one more quick story, one of my wife's friend calls her on Thursday and leaves a long voice mail. She goes on and on about this motivational speaker promotes blogging as the single most important marketing tool for any business today. She was amazed and had to tell my wife, I couldn't agree more, ofcourse I blogged about it on Friday. And, this email post to you all will be blogged too.

Simply told it's Blogs, and Blogcasting. Yes, it's that easy, Blogs made easier and so is broadcasting your blog, called blogcasting. But here is the eSecret Blogs are not just your online journal or your thoughts on the web. If they were, who would really care, they have become a new media. The eSecret is that the Search Engines started to treat blogs as news a few years ago. And, the secret got out, among us Search Engine Optimizers. We all had/got our websites rank really high on Search Engines as a result of our Blogs. But that's not the main thing any more.

Blogs have become the new Media, because they became easier than websites to add content. Infact, the first Website by a guy named Tim in 1992 is credited by many historians as the first Weblog. Weblogs became Blogs, and are becoming powerful community creating medium, and some blogging tools are even better than forums, as they are not boxy, and highly customizeable. We the futurist trend analyst, (ok, just me, I did work for the Top Analyst firm Gartner) do believe this hype. I am so confident that almost all businesses will augment their web presence with a blog style ePresence, hopefully with

So what to write about, and which platform to use, and why? If I lost you at Technical terms, please do email me, those topics will be covered in the eBook, which will be given to you for free. And, some of you, that are our potential/present clients, your stories are going to be told in that eBook, which will turn in to a DVD before Christmas release.

So the eSecret is simple, go Blog everyday for 10minutes and only 10 minutes. Write about information that will help consumers make a better decision regarding your product or service. Keep the focus of the postings to 5 keywords, and don't talk about your bad day, or bad clients. What everyday? Yes, everyday, why? But you don't have any time, Frequency is the key shoot for everyday, and if you wnly write 5 days a week or 2 times don't feel bad. Try to write everyday, if you do this, you won't have to sell anymore, you will get leads.

So what does this have to do with me being an Immigrant, and showing us appreciation of the American Dream? Some of you know, I want to give away homes on that national show where that woman gave away cars a few years ago. Why not, right? I am a techie at heart and have the degree, professional experience, etc. But, being a real estate investor/agent helped me to truely understand that dream. So many people think they can't own that home. Living this dream, in an amazing city, in an amazing neighborhood, in an amazing home is a blessing. I want to help those who work so hard and can't seem to get there, yet. Maybe by owning a home and being taught how to invest, I/we will be helping others live that dream. This may be the highest honor I have had to serve.

Now you know the main drivers behind the motivation of the founders of, Keith/Shane/I, and all other team members truely want to make the world a better place.

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