Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Lost Art of War, from Sun Bin, the grandson of Sun Tzu

I often talked about the Art of War, as I never heard of The Lost art of war. So that threw me for a loop tonight, reading a great book. It turns out that the lost art of war is about winning without much damage to others. So if we had Battle of the Blogs, we really could do it peacefully? If we were to promote ourself, or our business, we could do it by playing great defense?

Their is a little man they made a movie about called peaceful warrior. I met him a few years ago at a conference on Fear. I call him a little man, because he lived fearfully, and taught about over coming fear, he projects rather than stay open minded. The true way of fighting a war or winning in anything in life is not to over power. To use strategy, to influence, to win the hearts of the people. This to me is winning! President Bush, will you please listen to me. You'all need ta hear them words, down dere in Crawford Texas.

These be them figtin words "Win da hearts of the people", how you say? "be honest with them, tell them you sufferred, your pain of innocent loss of life, compliment them on their compassion, and ask for their help in solving this issue of terrorism". And, If they don't listen "Drop the bomb". Ouch, that hurts, did I just say drop da Bomb? Well, it's better to not have this sufferring stuff drag on, you know. Strategically speaking that bomb will have a huge humbling effect on your enemy. You don't like that much blood and loss of life, well me either. Let's look for another option.

Ok, you want to try another tactic, another strategy? How about you lie, completely, utterly lie about what is going on. And, send mercionaries, not missionerries to take your enemy out. Be very careful, as those leaders, your enemy of the state may have tons of proptection, but fight a secret war. Too much lieing for you? Or you could just lie to yourself, and deny there is no war, and there is only peace and harmony in the world, until you loose millions to a nuclear attack by the terrorists. Oh you don't think they will use nukes, they just want peace right? Let's just keep going, What you don't like that war strategy either?

Find a another strategy, but keep in mind that you have to be creative. Ok, no offense, but good defense, oh yeah good defense wins games. Yes, let's not be offensive to anyone, let's not trust anyone that might bomb our buildings or harm our kids. Let's make sure we can defend our blogs, and business, and save for that rainy day. Let's play great defense, so that hot shot offense doesn't win. Let's invest in more satellites, more space star wars, let's watch people for iradical behavior. Let's be really nice to people, treat them well, not just be politically correct, and let's really help all people. Let's win the hearts of people, and get out of the Middle of their affairs, unless of course they hurt kids and stuff, than just take them out the game.

Football season is about to start again, and that means that Da Bears are going to be back again. Go defense, let's defend our turf.

Defend your position, blog for business and blog to develop your brand. Stand up for something, anything, voice your concerns, be honest with yourself. Follow your passions, empower the human network. And be nice will yaa!
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