Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SEO and Yahoo's search marketing keyword tool

To get ideas for a blog post for today, I was reading Seth Godin’s book “The big Moo”, it’s quite good, not just for Internet marketing, but for SEO too. But I really wanted to write about our new Market Place, that has built in SEO so your online businesses get promoted. 8950652_25837761_young_female_restaurant_photo_blog.jpgSo much of SEO is rooted in Internet Marketing and vice versa, did also know that the Keywords are almost searched just as much, about 1.8 million searches a month or more. So my idea for writing a blog on SEO was about our Online Marketplace, but I have to write about the Yahoo Keyword Search tool. So do go read the Seth Godin book, he is a marketing genius and quite inspiring. One of the ideas that I got from him, was that comprise 2100141_13886240_lawyers01-photo-blog.jpgoften slows down innovation. Leaders and management have to deal with issues of compromise all the time, especially in the era of employee retention. The key is to innovate and be unique, can’t please all of the people all of the time, so go be a rogue cowboy or whatever suits your fancy, go Innovate, but promote your online businesses in our online marketplace.

And this SEO blog you are reading is ranked #42 for “SEO” in Google as of today. Why is that, because so many of your download these wonderful SEO blog templates and give us links back, and visit this blog often. So keep doing that, and we will keep providing you valuable insights and tools to help you promote your businesses.

Here is a tip for the day, some of you know that Yahoo’s Search Marketing Keyword tool became defunct last year. They have launched a new version at, check it out and click on the #3 Tab on the right, for the budget tab. Than you can type in your Keywords you want to SEO and it will give you a specific number of how many impressions, clicks and budget you should forecast for. 413287_85411458_dentist_photo-blog2.jpgI noticed it two days ago, so I am thankful for the keywords search tool. While the old tool was much better, the fact that it broke and had outdated information, it was of no use at all.

Why do I like the Yahoo SEO search tool better than the Google ad words tool? I don’t, but it does have one fair advantage, it gives you specific information about the keywords you are searching for. For Example on the Yahoo tool, it says SEO is searched for about 596,000 times today, times that by 5 and you get the idea. What is the hottest thing in Internet marketing, SEO, and our blogging website? It’s our Online marketplace in collaboration with ITEX Barter System. 5056341_53295529_lawyers_photo-blog.jpgWe are starting to get ranked in the top 15 in Google for Online Marketplace, b2b marketplace, business marketplace etc. The key to promoting your business is to be found on the search engines and to sell products where the buyers are, such as eBay and Amazon, that is why they are so successful. Yes, this is a weakness of our system, but we are less than 1 month old on this project. The items for sales in the online marketplace has over 5,000 items from 24,000 businesses. Just so you are aware, these items are all barter items for trade or exchange from ITEX members, you can join ITEX and start trading today for no cost. Or you can place your items for sale or list your business in our directory and it will get an amazing level of SEO value and traffic to your website. 1308831_98413705_restaurant_photo_blog3.jpgThis marketplace is not just for Barter items, but for all online businesses, suppose it can be for off-line businesses too, but why would an off-line busenesses promote online? Ah, it’s called promotion, duh:-). We built it with Search Engine friendly URL’s, title tags, and a ton of SEO promotion, because we get indexed and rank high many ways. You will find out online marketplace to be ranked in the top 5 within Google and start to get traffic to your site.

We are starting to launch the first three categories of local businesses such as massage therapists, lawyers, dentists, and restaurants. Here are some pictures that we will use within each online marketplace landing pages and categories, enjoy. They are from and, as some of you know we use them all the time, as is free for blogging sites and individuals to use. 5508401_32449875_restaurant_gourmet_collage_photo-blog.jpg So if you want to promote your online businesses, you certainly want to place a free listing in our online marketplace, but if you want to try Barter check out too!


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