Saturday, May 19, 2007

Neural Theology, What is a Christian? Our Brains light up, when we are faithful and pray, and a Real Estate Agent in Oakland CA

Brain changes when we pray, meditate, and/or are faithful. CNN discussion on What is a Christian, Sanjay Gupta a neural surgeon and Anderson Cooper discuss. Snajay says, there is something there, meaning research has shown a direct corelation? What some of us have known, that the true power of positive thinking is in making us feel good. Wow, our brain does light up? Does the power of prayer have dangern are you kidding, Anderson Shut up! The danger is in being foolish and being nutty/crazy etc. There are a lot of research being done on the intersection of faith and healing.

Before this program on CNN, I watched a segment on Heroes, more to see at

There was a woman teacher in Oakland who as a Realtor paid for healing college and education for kids in her class. I believe that real estate agents, and maybe Realtors as they are called by the National Association of Realtors, do a ton of good. Just passing on information that more you care that more you succeed. I still believe that owning a home and living a life of your dreams is easier with investments in real estate.