Sunday, July 20, 2008

La Tour De France or Tour De Lance

To the uninitiated, watching a bicycle race may not be exciting, no matter what and where it is held. For the last two years I have not watched this amazing race of travels all across France. Le Tour De France was one of my favorite competitions to watch. Not just because Lance Armstrong rode to 6 or 7 championships. He sure helped to add to the excitement by coming from behind and winning in the Alps. So you could call it le Tour De Lance, no other man has won as many Tours.

But to me, Le Tour de France is really more about France, than bicycle racing. It's a way to travel it's country side, see it's people, and visit places anyone would want to visit on Vacations. I certainly have been to a few of these places in France, but it would be nice to go on Vacation in all of these places all on one trip. And if I could see an exciting bicycle race of courage, speed, and endurance, only better. So if you can't vacation to France, why not turn on the television and check out Tour De France.

I know it's been too long for me to vacation any where in Europe, and I don't plan to be there any time soon. So I will just take my vacations via the Travel Channel and take my vacations on my couch. Right in the comfort of my home, with my drink in my hand ( a diet coke or a smoothie). It doesn't hurt my wallet either:-), go ahead take a vacation, it's good for your soul.

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