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Designer Silver Jewelry

This week in Designer Silver Jewelry - stand out

Author: Loverelic 12 6th, 2007

*As always this Jewelry blog post is sponsored by our Silver Jewelry Designer Jill Brahms from who also has designed our Cross jewelry for Promise to Jesus brand can be seen at

Whenever we get the chance to inspect David Beckham, we do.

David Beckham New Zealand Green necklace CloseDavid Beckam green necklace

This week at a Galaxy match in New Zealand, Mr. Beckham was presented with a Maori Greenstone necklace, which looks to be hand-carved. The pendant is oblong hanging from an 18″ black chord. Quite frankly, David could hang a fresh steaming turd around his neck and still look lovely.

Elisha Cuthbert and Shaun White Necklace GQ Man of the Year Shaun White necklace GQ party

The GQ Man of The Year Bash this week, Uber-snowboarder Shaun White accessorizes with and Elisha Cuthbert on one arm, and a very retro feather pendant on a gold chain on his neck. Bring on the disco, Shaun! Since this is a designer jewelry piece, the necklace might also be gold vermeil.

Linda Evangelista Silver Hoop Earrings Linda Evangelista silver hoop earrings close

The always impeccable Linda Evangelista wore huge 4″ silver hoop earrings in London at the Stella McCartney Store Christmas Lights Switching-On party. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Hoop earrings can make an outfit, and if you think they are too large, they probably are not.

*As always this Jewelry blog post is sponsored by our Silver Jewelry Designer Jill Brahms from who also has designed our Cross jewelry for Promise to Jesus brand can be seen at

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It really is about saving energy?

Thought I would pass this from my other blog on:

It really is about energy saving heaters via Infrared heating

Posted by: Admin in Infrared Heaters

As some of you know that we have been blogging for the last 3 weeks about our energy saving infrared heaters by Comfortzone heaters, which we believe are better than Edenpure heaters for some main reasons, but read below to learn about my experiences of saving energy bill via our Gas bill dropping by 30% last month.

Main Reasons: #1 our Infrared Heaters have a 3 Year Warranty, which is better than Edenpure heaters. #2 our Comfortzone Infrared heaters light bulbs last 4 times as long as the Edenpure Heaters. #3 our Infrared heaters are better than Eden pure heater because they have a digital thermostat, which changes via 1 degree versus low medium high. #4 reason why Edenpure heaters are not as good as our Infrared heaters is because our Comfortzone heaters are the best Infrared Heaters, because they are modular. Which means you can interchange parts such as Quartz light bulbs instead of replacing the whole unit. So why does Eden Pure Heaters still sell a ton of Quartz Portable Infrared Heaters? It’s marketing folks, and we have to thank them for it, they are good, and they spend a lot of money on them.

Now my personal Infrared heaters use and staying warm these days in Seattle. I wanted to give you my personal point of view of using these energy saving heaters and how my family is staying warm this cold winter. We started to use the Comfortzone heaters about 3 weeks ago, in our TV room. We placed the unit in a 200sqft room, facing towards a hallway, which goes through our kitchen. The room has 7 windows, a glass door, and a doggy door. We spend most of our time in this living room. It’s absolutely my favorite room in the house, it also has two couches facing each other. And, a TV in a corner with all the kids toys.

The ceilings are about 10ft with a rug on the floor, the Infrared heater, which I remind you is better than the Edenpure heaters because of that thermostat, that I care about the most, faces west. I usually sit next to eat, and the Infrared heater points at my feet, and keeps the whole room warm for hours, so much so that I have to open the doggy door just to cool the room. I feel so toasty and warm, in the past winters, we have always used our multiple blankets, even though we set our thermostat for 67-68, we feel cold in that room. Not this year folks, we have actually consistently dropped the thermostat to 64, and even shut it off while we run the infrared heater. The small unit, did I mention better than Edenpure heaters due to it’s sleek design seems like a composite plastic tough has saved us $60 reduction in our Gas Heating bill this month alone, that's in 3 out of 4 weeks alone. Wow, what a cool invention this energy saving heaters are, it’s keeping us warm this winter, and

As always this blog is sponsored by Our friends at are dealers of these top reviewed infrared heaters which are better than Edenpure heaters as mentioned above. But the story of my experiences are 100% accurate in my Seattle home. If you want to see a Edenpure vs Comfortzone Reviews click on the link and see a side by side comparison.

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Build your Brand First than SEO your blog

Build your Brand first than SEO your blog

December 5th, 2007 by admin

I really am sorry for not blogging for days it’s been almost 5 or six days since I posted on this SEO blog. The last blog on Blogcast your brand, took a lot out of me, it took me days to edit, and it ended up being much longer than I expected. So I will try to not be so long this time. By the way that last blog post took more than 2 days to write, so the date was 2 days later Nov. 28th rather than 26th. Flower-from do I tell you this extra detail of not blogging for days. Some times it’s ok to not write for days, but get use to blogging only your best. You don’t want your readers to wait too long, and forget about you, but nothing is more important than making every word, every photo, every sentence make an impact. It’s better to say little and make a big difference.

I rarely link to other blogs especially other SEO blogging sites, for very selfish reasons, but I have mentioned ProBlogger, SEOMoz, and are the great resource. For those of you wanting to get more in to SEO blogs and SEO services, and stay on top of every single technical detail, and the nitty gritty technicalities of the SEO business, you definitly have to read, he leads the Anti-Spam team at Google. He is also some what of a celebrity. This great article covers some of the basics of SEO and why you should SEO your blog, how to SEO your blog, and why you should build your brand first, than SEO. Well, that’s what they say, to read the full article from SEO Chat Click Here.

Here are some insights from the article:

1. By building your brand first, you will get attention and Links which is the best thing for SEO. The key here is to be strategic and learn about SEO first and brand building. This article kind of sells my concept of brand building and SEO go hand in hand. Read my SEO blogs or the quick iSEO Book, read SEO chat, than Blogcast your brand, which is the best way to SEO.

2. You really should SEO your blogs, not just your website, fresh content and content is always king, how the content should have the proper keywords.

3. Search Engine Friendly URL’s, why hyphens are still better than underscore, to SEO your keywords especially for your SEO Blogs.

4. Why should never do keyword stuffing, just stuff your Turkey’s don’t be one by, too many keywords and trying to hide them.

5. Alt Tags, I have been talking about Alt Tags for ever, use them folks, along with Tags to describe your content and categorize them.

That’s all Folks, but do read the above artile, it really is pretty good and it’s from the source, which is Google and Matt Cutts. **As always this SEO blog is brought to you by the Designer Silver Jewelry by Jill Brahms and ComfortZone Heaters, Infrared Heaters, which are better than Edenpure Heaters from

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Fw: Seattle mentioned as a market with room to grow by Forbes!

Fyi, on this Seattle housing market?

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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 18:05:37
Subject: Seattle mentioned as a market with room to grow by Forbes!


Clients looking for a housing bargain?   Forbes magazine has identified five cities, one of them Seattle, where the economy is roaring but home prices are still moderate.  Hope this is helpful to you and your clients!

These cities are:

Charlotte, N.C. Forbes says this is one of the cheapest markets in the country on a per-square-foot basis. Financial services jobs are expanding rapidly and non-financial job growth isn't heavily tied to housing production. A typical four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home on a quarter of an acre is selling for about $550,000.

San Francisco. The technology and biotech sectors of the economy in the Bay Area continue to grow and there is no build up of housing inventory here. A typical four- bedroom, two-bath home sells for about $800,000.

Seattle. Seattle missed the condo boom because multi-family residential construction was slow in Seattle in 2002 and 2003. Now, Seattle condo real estate values are climbing at the fastest pace of any condo market in the country, according to Radar Logic, a real estate research firm. An attractive two-bedroom, two-bath, downtown condo property with panoramic views of city and Elliott Bay is selling for about $1 million.

Boston. The housing market in the trendy Back Bay has slowed, while Boston's downtown and waterfront areas are attracting buyers interested in living near its booming tech businesses. A one-bedroom, one-bath condo with a view of Boston Harbor sells for less than $650,000.

New York City. The best place to buy in the nation's most developed and densest real estate market is in the Financial District where the market is being flooded with residential housing and the neighborhood is transforming from a 9 to 5 area to a 24-hour residential area. A condo in a pre-World War I building with two bedrooms and one bath in the Financial District is selling for about $750,000.

Source: Forbes, Matt Woolsey (11/13/200.   Full story below or link to full story:

Don't hesitate to contact me anytime for your title or escrow needs, I'm always happy to be of assistance!

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Real Estate
America's Undervalued Real Estate Markets
Matt Woolsey, 11.13.07, 6:00 PM ET
When a market goes through uncertain times, investor caution reigns. And whether you're talking about the housing market or the financial services sector, there's been so much bad news lately that it makes sense for buyers and investors to remain wary.
But the good news is that market slumps often result in good buys, and solid investments get tagged with bargain prices due to the volatile market. One place to look for these deals is the housing sector, where worries about a continuing dip in home prices are keeping many buyers on the sidelines, and keeping a lid on prices. Looking across the country for undervalued markets, we came up with five picks for city markets or submarkets that are cheap based on what their particular market fundamentals suggest.
You're most likely to find undervalued real estate in cities where the real estate boom was driven by sustainable factors like job growth and economic expansion--like Charlotte, N.C. The city has quietly become one of America's leading financial centers: Its banking sector, anchored by Bank of America (nyse: BAC - news <> - people ) and investment subsidiary Banc of America, has continued to expand even as Wall Street takes its lumps. Airlines are rapidly adding traffic between Charlotte and New York--between Delta, US Airways, Continental and JetBlue (nasdaq: JBLU - news <> - people ), there are 26 daily non-stop flights in each direction.
So there's big money in Charlotte. But based on price-per-square-foot numbers from Radar Logic, a New York-based real estate research firm, the city boasts the third-cheapest real estate in the country, behind Detroit and Atlanta, Ga. Detroit's woes are well worn, and Atlanta has an inventory glut and a fast rate of home construction. But Charlotte is without an inventory problem and has a dipping rate of home starts, according to NAHB.
In contrast, throughout most of Florida, and especially in Miami and Tampa, the real estate market grew more rapidly than local economic growth would have suggested possible, and undervalued property is hard to come by. The same goes for San Diego. (Early on in the year--before the credit meltdown of the last few months--we picked San Diego as the nation's most overpriced market and Miami as the riskiest one, based on real estate market over-expansion and strained conditions in local credit markets).

But job growth doesn't always insure a solid market. Phoenix has had one of the fastest-growing job rates in the country over the last five years. In 2001, at the beginning of the boom, there were 43,600 housing starts, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). By 2005, there were 65,000. With so many jobs created by that housing boom--and many people are employed in the building of a house--consider what will happen to the Phoenix job market if NAHB predictions come true later this year, and new-home construction slows to 36,400 new starts.
Local credit markets also help create undervalued property. So far, the credit market seizure has mostly affected cities that are more reliant on government-sponsored enterprises--places with a high share of housing stock above Fannie Mae (nyse: FNM - news <> - people ) and Freddie Mac's (nyse: FRE - news <> - people ) $417,000 limit.
Take Seattle, where the median home price is $395,000, exposing a significant portion of the market to a non-GSE securitization shutdown. There isn't a national lending market, and local banks and lenders were pumping capital into Seattle, yet the securitization problems have affected the city.
Still, the latest Standard and Poor's Case-Shiller housing index numbers suggest Seattle prices are still strong. The numbers don't really tell the full story, though, since they're a running average, not a daily spot-price index.
They also fail to consider the condo market. Talk to builders or investment analysts about Seattle's condo or multifamily construction market, and they'll say there's no glut. In 2002 and 2003, the condo and A-class rental market experienced a huge inventory over-expansion from too much multifamily construction--which either became rental apartments or condos--and was in no position to grow during the tail of the housing boom.
Of all housing units, condos have the most elastic price curve, meaning that they're the most likely to feel short-term fluctuations in good and bad markets. Most markets around the country are in the midst of an incredible condo inventory glut, but not Seattle. A disruption in multifamily residential and commercial real estate construction in 2002 and 2003 kept the Seattle condo market extremely cool, despite strong growth in the single-family home sector. Now, having missed the condo spike, Seattle condo real estate value is climbing at the fastest pace of any condo market, according to data from Radar Logic.
Prime condo properties have seen large price increases in the Seattle market over the last year. This downtown property has panoramic views of the city, including vistas across Elliott Bay and to the Space Needle. It has 1,310 square feet of interior space, including two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is listed for $1 million through Ewing & Clark.
Commercial real estate investment analysts like Los Angeles-based Marcus & Millichap are bullish about the Seattle A-class apartment-rental market for the same reason the condo market has done well: jobs are up, the tech sector is growing, migration patterns are favorable and there is less supply and less construction in multifamily homes in Seattle than the market can support. Commercial yields on Class-A residential properties were up 6.7% last year as a result, and based on Radar Logic figures, Seattle market condo prices are growing faster than New York's on a dollar-per-square-foot basis.

Blog about Designer Silver Jewelry

Week in Designer Silver Jewelry

Hi Everyeone, this blog is by our friend and Author Jill Brahms of: 11 29th, 2007. As you know we are almost part and the same as Jill is my friend Dan’s wife, and my wife’s name is also. The cool thing about Jill Brahms Designer silver jewelry is that my wife and her friends in Queen Anne/Seattle love it too. Our designs for the Silver Cross Jewelry are coming soon, we looked at the samples and came up with preliminary designs for our logo. The best thing about our Cross Jewelry is that we are trying to be organic and authentic, we will come out with our cross necklaces and cross pendants first. But wait a minute, they will be unique, with a see through cross pendants your look authentic and elegant.

We couldn’t resist this silver jewelry sighting.

Savannah Miller Harness Silver Necklace Savannah Miller Silver Necklace Harness

Yes, folks, this is no ordinary silver and black leather necklace. It’s a HARNESS. Savannah Miller has been raiding her sister’s closet again (Sienna Miller), who has been known to frequently wear a harness out on the town.

At the High School Musical Promotion Tour…

Monique Coleman High School Musical silver hoop earringsMonique Coleman silver hoop earrings

We like how age-appropriate and ladylike Monique Coleman looks with her cute outfit and silver hoop earrings.

At the 17th Annual Gotham Awards…

Laura Linney 17th Annual Gotham Awards Flower Silver Earrings Laura Linney 17th Annual Gotham Awards Flower Silver Earrings Laura Linney 17th Annual Gotham Awards Flower Silver Earrings

We’ve never seen Laura Linney look this lovely. (Say that 10 times fast.) She’s wearing some gorgeous silver earrings with white quartz in the shape of a flower. This is a great example of how a high-quality piece of designer silver jewelry can set off a look. Gorgeous!

Uma Thurman 17th Annual Gotham Awards Silver necklace Uma Thurman 17th Annual Gotham Awards Silver necklace

Uma Thurman sporting a very glitzy silver detail on her dress. This reminds us a tiny bit of Savannah Miller’s silver Jewelry harness. Do we see a trend coming?

As always this blog is sponsored by Comfortzone heaters a brand of Infrared Heaters, better than Edenpure heaters and Designer Silver Jewelry by Jill Brahms and