Thursday, December 25, 2008

Outliers Review

Being a huge fan of The
Tipping Point and Blink, the two best sellers by Malcolm Gladwell, I
will provide a unbiased and thoughtful review. You see Malcolm has
set the bar really high for this book. He is tryig to define
successful characteristics, and maybe play in the world of self help
and success manuals. Not an east task, and one with unrelenting
classic NYC style competition like Think and Grow Rich.

Lets just say, I started reading it last night, and would only put it
down with my 3 year old wanted to play, it was Christmas eve:-). But,
if I had a choice of sanity and a young career, I would not put it
down. It has stories, It has anecdotes, it has specific
characteristics of success. So go buy it and read and reread it!

Do what it says and follow your bliss to success. Good job Sir Malcolm
on your soon to be classic "Outliers".


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