Saturday, February 23, 2008

What does b2b and SEO have to do with each other?

B2B means Business to Business, but what’s the deal with SEO in it?

B2B is all about businesses, buying and selling goods and services, basically trade exchanges, communities, and promoting products and services business to business. SEO is about promoting online businesses, and often that requires trading links and being part of directories and link exchanges. While SEO does not have to trade links, and most smart or past SEO companies don’t do that. Do you see the similarities between SEO and b2b yet? Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s there was a lot of hype around business vortals as people called them. They were business portals for vertical business segments, such as SteelNet or AlmuniumNet. But what problems were these websites or portals trying to adress? B2B Exchanges such as Alibaba, TradeKey, and others have come a long way. What do these sites really do except for pass on leads to sellers and buyers. B2C is the second cousin of B2B and we actually used the term B2b2C, business to business to consumers. So in the world of SEO, which really is the #1 keyword in my opinion for Business marketing, it ties the whole purpose of b2b. Which is to enable business to business commerce, which is greatly enabled by Google as a platform, not just a search engine.

Google has become probably the biggest and best intermediary of information, all information not just consumer. B2b aspects of Google and it’s search and information indexing have to do with small businesses utilizing the Adwords advertising program to advertise all over the internet, not just on Google’s search site, but on millions of blogs, business directories, shopping sites, you name it you can advertise on the internet unlike ever before. So the advertisers now have the largest variety of sites and pools to advertise on.

Now imagine thousands and millions of online businesses and models that have sprouted from this advertising (business promotion) engine. Starting to see the connection of SEO and b2b yet? Businesses buy and sell services to each other not just consumers right? Well millions of businesses are doing that through the google adwords, but wait that is only half of it. Imagine online businesses, blogs, or websites, that could not find enough advertisers to advertise on their websites, having a way to generate revenues. yes, that is what the Google b2b exchange does that for them, Google AdSense allows any blog or website or businesses to place ads and make money. It’s pay for performance, so the more customers business blogs or websites have the more money it makes. SEO is the art and science of getting ranked in search engines and getting organic traffic. Some businesses have learned that Organic SEO is 5 times as effective for ads to gain targeted traffic. While click through and conversion rates for ads tends to be a little better than organic SEO, a 3.5 for ads versus 3.07 for SEO traffic. But the five times as much traffic certainly makes up for the small difference in coversion ratios.

So b2b advertising exchange of Googles adwords to buy ads, and sell ads via adsense complete’s the full spectrum of the supply and demand channels of businesses. Because what do businesses do, they buy stuff, and they sell stuff, and any b2b platform has to accomplish that. Now our online marketplace is setup just for businesses, really it is already a b2b exchange of 24000 businesses in the US and Canada. Our marketplace has 31 categories ranging from Jewelry to Automobile to Industrial businesses. There are 300million dollars worth of transactions being completed through the ITEX trade exchange. Hopefully our b2b exchange with the SEO skills of our team will grow that to billions of dollars that is already being done off-line. What is our niche, and the main value of our online marketplace? read more next time..this is a blog not a commercial:-)


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