Saturday, December 27, 2008

Success Gurus

So I have been blogging since 2003-04, and I wrote a book back in
2005. Never published it, needless to say I do like writing. I often
am conflicted about what to write. Business topics, Internet
marketing, general topics or self held motivational topics. The latter
is really my favorite, and I have thinking about firing up my self
help success stuff up again. Consider me fully inspired by the new
Malcolm Gladwell book "Outliers".

Just to collect my thoughts and to practice, I am going to do a daily
dump of my mind and have my fingers do the talking. I want my writing
to get better ofcourse, but more importantly I want figure out the
theme of my topics and we weave "them" thoughts in to a meaningful
work of art. Do I have anything meaningful to say, more than likely
not. But just in case, know that it will be mostly reused insights
from the Hindu sages and the mystic and Biiblic Christian passions of
by Christ.

It will be easier now that I have a predecessor Parmahansa Yogananda,
and of course my previous Success gurus Napolean Hill, Anthony Robbins
and Viktor Frankl. More later, don't want to use up all of my
thoughts in one sitting!


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