Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Easy as a Marathon

Success in life is as easy as running a Marathon.

"What?" you ask. "Running a Marathon is easy?"

Yes. It is. All it takes is patience. A slow but steady training schedule, gradually increasing workouts, a commitment to the correct diet. You will gain muscle, lose weight, become like a human machine. It takes patience and consistent work, but on the morning of race day, when you wake up and hit the pavement, you'll find that not only is this remarkable achievement EASY, but it's also FUN.

Success in life & success in real estate, is the same way. What matters most is that you stay in the race - 'staying power'. Remember the wise old turtle. You cannot sprint the distance and come out ahead. There is no such thing as truly quick money in real estate - overnight successes tend to not end up as successes at all. The experts, investors, agents will tell you - hold onto your properties as long as possible, have patience, and watch them develop. You'll make money in the end - now that's fun.

"Patience is a virtue," goes the old Greek mantra. If just staying put and patient is so easy, why do we make it out to be so hard? Could it be that everyone is looking for that get-rich scheme, that golden egg, that Northwest Passage? Success cannot be rushed. There is only one short cut to success: be patient, take it EASY, and have FUN.

One example of letting patient reign: We made a decision last week to shift attention back to a project that has been developing over the past year or so. We had lost track of it, opting instead to pursue more immediate, fly-by-night opportunities. Only by relying on patience and timing, did we finally realize we had to come back to it - that in it's maturity is where success lies. We will soon unleash this killer a**. Hint: It's not what you think, but it sure is FUN!

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