Friday, August 24, 2007

The Science Channel show on "Eco-Tech"

Wow, Science news and stories about the Global warming impact of drout and floods. The focus is technologies and how big companies and science are making a difference to deal with Climate changes.

I am not scarred about the impact of climate changes, but we have to do something. We have to get the word out, on what are the biggest impact points on Global warming discussions, I am doing this on all of my blogs time to time. . We need to change, and make the earth safer. Ignorance is a desease, and will hurt all of us. So as we said months ago, who cares about Seattle houses, if there won't be any people to live in them.


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Green Day beats Green house, and Green Real Estate

A friend Rick Wright, who is a Green Real estate agent in Seattle, came to our offices today to discuss our focus on a Green community. We checked the keywords for Green on our SEO tools. Not so surprisingly, we found that Green Day the band was searched higher than anything Green. Music is more important than environment? We did learn that over a 100,000 people search for the keyword Green. What does this mean? Rick is well versed on the Green building process, and making a home green. He talked about BuildGreen and Leed, I hadn't really heard of those resources.

The large population searching for Green related keywords, does mean that our new focus will satisfy the need for people searching for a Green Community. Woa, is that really true, Is the world ready for a green community? I think there already are lots of people looking at Organic clothing, more sustainable fuel/energy choices, and Green Life Style. If there wasn't a huge rush for more an more people looking for environmentally friendly sources, we wouldn't be hearing about it every where. So we at are starting a portal/webs community of everything green.

Besides our T-shirts coming out tomorrow. Green Credit card is next, and instead of giving the consumer rewards, we reward the environment, by planting 10 trees for every $1000 we earn with the Green card. Now you can save the environment with a smart Green Card. Our proceeds go to educate the population and on Greener living, and helping us save the environment.

What do you all bloggers think?
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Green is better..a Green Community

I have been writing about Global warming for over a year now, but especially in the last 9 months. I along with Millions spread the word about the Climate changes, and the Al Gore movie. But this green movement is not about politics, it's about saving mother earth, feeling better, and being healthier.

Who is qualified to write about and maybe create a blog on the Green movement? Could it be a person who's birth name means Gardner? Maybe that person, has a Dad who was a Botanist? Could the person walk his dog with a neighbor who is a world expert in Atmosphere Research and professor at one of the worlds best University, U. Of Washington? Yes, that person could be me, yes my name is Vipin Singh and I am launching the worlds first Green Offline/online Community, to empower the human network.

If you want to be involved, come join us. Our Mission is to empower the Human network by promoting Organic lifestyle, to promote green products and services, to share sustainable resources, and to build healthier communities through green education., live fresh!

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