Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The best things in life..mean business

Are not usually free, but freedom to think what you want and be is often one of the most desirable things, especially if we don't have it. I was looking to write some thing substantial about small business and or vacation rental software or cross jewelry and cross rings by LoveRelic.com, all of our favorite clients. Well, why don't I just add the Comfortzone Infrared Heaters, which are better than edenpure heaters. As I really want to help to SEO our blogging clients, with our MyTypes.com small business blogs, the most important aspect of marketing in my opinion. I don't know why I started to write about free things, I just wanted to start blogging about what would make me feel happy tonight, I guess being productive is what makes me happy, besides hanging out with my family.

Not that I am depressed or anything, I just wanted to write about feeling better or figuring out what I should do rest of the evening. I watched football earlier today, walked for my exercise prior to that and spent time with my family. Life is good, but it's only 7pm on Sunday, the Australian Open is on, but I don't want to watch TV, i would rather be traveling to Australia or some other place, hopefully my friends at vacation rental software will allow me too. So I started to write on this blackberry. Oh if you are a small business person, well business person, you really should have a blackberry, why you ask? I don't care how long it takes you to get use to it, but email and phone are the two most important small business tools, and a blackberry combines them in to it. This tool will also save you time, and add quality to your life, by freeing you from your computer. Imagine you can follow up on your email from any where, instead ofhaving to be stuck in your office.

I want to feel productive, what is this uneasiness that I have about not doing anything. I mean, tomorrow is Monday, and I will be going to work at bartering company ITEX, surely will have enough time to work there. It's a big week at work, I have a presentation I will be doing to come up with the best solutions for small business, especially my recommendations to grow registerations and signups for ITEX barter network to grow our small business online marketplace. This includes building business community features to either MyTypes or ITEX, I think it is easier easier to build any features. But the key is to know, what small business owners want and provide it to them, and hopefully for free.

To provide the best online services to a small business we have to understand their issues. What are the most important issues they face, and what specifically can we help them with? I am sure they face many issues such as legal, administrative, accounting, marketing and sales. You can read more small business help issues and solutions on our new SBA and small business blog at http://sba-smallbusiness.blogspot.com.


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