Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aussie.. Aussie... Aussie... Oay.. Oay... Oay...

It's summer time in Australia, the Australian Open is on in Melbourne, and it's a great winter get away for North Americans. The people of this large island nation are one of my favorite, they are so well traveled, beautiful, and fun loving, I love everything about them. In fact, my favorite event ever in life was the Sydney 2000 Olympics. The people of Australia showed their true colors and the beauty of the land and sea shows off in it's green and blue excitements, only to not be forgotten by the big Orange rock Uluru, also called Ayers rock. So a trip to Australia cannot be called complete, without a visit to this amazingly hot and barron Norther central territory. As you will see from a a series of blog articles we will high light the top attractions brought to you by the folks at vacation rental software and online booking software RentExpert.com.

First stop to any vacation hot spot, should start with the official tourism website, and in this case it's called Australia.com, how original and top of the .Com are the Aussie's. Go Aussies Go!

My favorite place to visit in Australia will have to be the Sydney Opera house, and Sydney harbor bridge and the beaches of this incredible city. I can't imagine taking a visit in Australia without renting a beach vacation home, and it must be done through our Vacation rental software and online booking system, right? Hopefully by the time, I plan a trip there, we will have many vacation rentals properties listed. Not to worry, we will list many VRBO type websites, yes that stands for Vacation Rental By Owners, just like For Sale By Owner for FSBO, a term familiar by vacation rentals by Owners. Sorry real estate agents your time has come and gone, the Internet is making vacation rentals better, and our vacation rental software and online booking software will provide more features than you ever did, and no commission to worry about:-).

Now besides Sydney, the #2 vacation spot in Australia has to the Great Barrier Reef, **Click on the picture to visit the Parks website: in Queensland. Did you know that it's the only living thing visible from space? Did you also know that the barrier reef is made up of living and dangerous sea algae, but don't worry it's safe and it's visited by many hundreds of thousands and millions of people every year.

So what is the #3 most visited vacation spot in Australia, is it Melbourne or is it the Great big rock Uluru. I don't know, I think the travel channel had a special naming the top 10 places to visit in Australia. Where would you go? Since Australia is about The Outback, and we all want to see a Kangaroo, I think the great rock of Uluru makes the list. So does Melbourne for me, and I bet it's easier to rental vacation homes in Melbourne and surrounding beaches? No doubt we will be promoting our vacation spots via our blogs at VacationBlogspot.com and of course our vacation rental software and online booking system will power this and thousands of others VRBO destinations.


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