Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Life on a Pier, series by Vipin Singh of

Yesterday I told you about why I wanted to write this series, of being out on the limb, taking risks as Entrepreneurs, doing the right things, of failing, of succeeding, and of staying positive to thrive and strive rather than dwell in the negative emotions or circumstances of one's life. This is obviously easier said than done, I struggled with it today. Paul the goof ball x-contractor who said some out right false statements, was in my head all day. I struggled to stay positive and forgive him and me for making the mistakes. His lies and malicious attacks raised my anger level to a boiling point. I spoke with Keith today, and he told me that he asked Paul sent Keith his Laptop back. Yes, paul still has his laptop, and my designer laptop case worth about $400--it was given as a gift to me back in 2005. We did so much for Paul, and he thanked us kicking us and lieing about us totally when we were down. So today, I went for two one hour walks, on the journey to stay positive, and while I struggled, I achieved some serenity and found out that this blog title and blog of Triumph, yeah, that's what this is, My Life On A Pier (limb), is about Triumph, yeah, simple I got it.

I learned a few things on my walk, here some simple tips for Entrepreneurs or any one else out on a Pier (Limb) taking risks.

1. First of all, Individual accountability is everything, accept your faults, your mistakes, admit guilt, and forgive yourself, don't dwell in it all day.

2. Be nice to your self, and everyone you can, even if they are not, try to be nice enough to walk away.

3. In tough situations, especially really, reall stressful ones, Walk, Walk, Walk a lot, read a book, read inspirational books.

4. I am going to make this my last one, as I need material for tomorrow, don't I? Go for your Dreams, go for them, as high as big as you want. Try to do it with a plan, slowly, with advice, etc, etc, but no matter how bad things get, keep going after the solutions, oops, I mean :-), YOUR DREAMS!

There are enough examples of people achieving them with great heights and valleys to go through, some with many many more obstacles than you ever imagined. God Bless the Dreamers!


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