Friday, January 18, 2008

My life on a Pier by Vipin Singh of

Check out my Life on a Pier a story of being on the edge, and fishing for success as an entrepreneur. We are all out on a limb taking risks, instead of using the words being on a limb, I am using the analogy of being on a pier. I am writing a personal blog, up close and personal, of being rich, of being broke, of doing the right thing, and still being called names and lied to by people. Of staying positive, of keeping on, of having, heart and gut renching truth of a roller coaster ride. Finding the inspiration and moving forward with my faith, of not letting anything get in the way.

I am very grateful for amazing people in my life, being on the pier does not mean you are alone, you can be fishing with other people. And you have people giving you tips on how to catch fish, the true entrepreneurial spirit really is not just about having money and success, it's really about helping others catch fish. So come on join me at my blog and join my life on a pier blog community.

Vipin k Singh
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