Sunday, March 23, 2008

Competition: a great equalizer and better for consumers

This is probably a silly example, but nonetheless an important reminder. There a great Organic coffee shop near my house, it's half a block away. It's an amazing place, but the owner is getting fat (figure of speech for getting lazy and lossing his edge) and does not listen to it's customers. I have asked very politely for a faster Wifi (it's comparatively very very slow). And asked a couple of times for them to carry more inventory of my favorite cinnamon roll, they run out by 9:30am. That's not too much to ask, especially as my family and I go there every day, usually more than once.

They didn't listen and now they have lost about 20% of their business, because a new style Donut/Coffee House opened up across the street. Now the coffee is still better at my old favorite, and they are getting faster Internet Access, but Why now and is it too late? They are getting it because Top pot opened up across the street, and as usual competition is making them realize that they need to listen to their customers.

So as always competition is better for consumers, as it keeps everyone on the edge and provide better products and services.

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