Friday, March 28, 2008 is calling for your input

We are trying to create a great list of business blogs, and we want your input. Can you believe there is no comprehensive list, read this blog I wrote in our SEO Blogs and SEO Consultants blog yesterday, enjoy:

Best Business Blogs..recommend one, and get credit

I was going to write about this topic on one of our others blogs, but I wanted more users to see it and and especially SEO consultants or marketing types, who also want a link to their site. So can you please recommend some business blogs for me? i needed exposure for this article…I really want your answers! 947418_our_precious_baby_girl-photo-blog-fromsxchu.jpg

I seriously can’t find even a few best business blogs, How am I going to find the top 10 best business blogs. I friggin can’t believe, it, I have been searching for different websites and blogs blogging about the best business blogs, and there aren’t any except for TWO (at the moment I start this blog), I can recommend. Two does not make a list folks, two is like, well 2. That does not make a list of any thing, not even best business blogs. I will recommend at least one, so stay tuned, and other one of them is not even a business blog, it’s a marketing blog. 963392_people_in_lijiang_china_from-sxchu-photo-blog.jpg So how do I find a business blog and why should I care? I don’t want to read about technology that is covered enough, I want insights in to the business world, maybe I am just thinking it’s too broad? Got an idea recommend it for me? I can just hear my kid at home “DAD WANTS a Business Blog for Christmas, Mom did you hear me< href="" title="Business Blog">business blog“. This dad wants to know, because he wants to pass help business resources and blog about business news. And he wants to actually create a b2b and business social networking site, to help continue the entrepreneurial spirit of America!947422_our_precious_baby_girl-photo-blog-sxchu.jpg

Well your kids are probably more technical than me, as mine are. Did I mention that my kids are only 2 1/2 and 6 1/4? That quarter sure matters when you are six, it’s like a huge percentage of the total, so it’s important. Boy they change so fast, and are so much brighter every day. Liam the two year old goes on the computer and wants to watch his DVD. He is 2 years old, I thought kids didn’t talk at the age of like 6, they know how to text already at 2 now days. Do your kids text at the age of 2 1/2? Why am I going on and on about my kids, filler man, filler. Blogging is about entertaining as it is as much about business blogs? Just kidding.. We are trying (coming soon, like days away), to create a b2b and business social networking site, and if we don’t entertain you, you won’t come back right:-). 971149_baby_girl-photo-blog-fromsxchu.jpg

Ok, I think I am going to continue to rant about why I can’t find a good list of business blogs. While I do that, I do have to send you to my favorite marketing blog at the least, it’s called It’s by, you guessed it, Seth Godin, the marketing guru of all marketing gurus. If you type in blog on Google, you should see the Blogging platform, we are top 10 in Free Blogs, Free Blog, #1 Create a blog, on and on, but No! Who do you see, at the top 10 Seth’s blog, that is what I am talking about, his blog is not just one of the best marketing blogs, it’s one of the top 10 blogs Period. That is amazing, Seth, he is so creative, who wouldn’t recommend him.

Without further ado, here is a list of top 5 business blogs, suggest yours and I will add them to the bottom of the list and give you credit and a link.

1. (the best business blog focused on marketing)

2. (The most entertaining business, devices and technology blog)

3. (By, list of Business Blogs by experts in specific subject areas).

4. (Heck, why not mention a technology business blog, they are the best at the moment).

5. (It’s too busy of a website and sales oriented, too many ads, but it’s a great resource from what I hear, he has 174k readers by FeedBurner).

**So I am going to be lazy here and stop at the list at 5, I want the rest to be of others, and or any other one’s I find business blogs worthy. So check back on this list, and see if your blog is listed. Or recommend one for me.


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