Friday, December 21, 2007

Vacation Homes and Rentals, which cities are hot?

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Vacation Homes and Rentals, which cities are hot?

How is the current market for Vacation homes and rentals, and which cities are hot at the moment, past 6 months, past 5 years, and will be in the future? Has the current mortgage market effected the vacation travelers and vacation homes rentals market? Vacation Excitement for online booking software from Sxc.huWe know that in Florida, San Diego, Los Angeles, and some other areas the residential markets were effected. But, did the vacation rentals go down in these markets? Is there a way to find out? Is there an online booking system or a online booking software company that aggregates the industry trends and directions.The US dollar dropping in value to the Euro and Canadian in the past year has brought a lot of travelers to the US. That I have heard from CNBC and some other news organizations. There has also been hefty investments by foreign companies etc, for example the $6B investment in to Citi by Dubai etc. So as far as Vacation rentals are concerned are we seeing people booking online, I think so. Is the vacation homes market hot in Florida Vacation rentals or Southern California such as San Diego, Los Angeles or maybe Northern Cal as they call it in the bay area of San Francisco? My guess is that yes it is, it is warm at the least. The rich are getting richer aren’t they?

I heard that Las Vegas is not slowing down as a vacation hot spot. Now I bet during the week with Consumer Electronic Show, and the High tech stock rallies of late, Las Vegas must be booming. Now, we know that Wealthy Europeans love to visit South Beach and Miami as their Vacation Hot Spot, I bet more of them are coming over this holiday season. So Florida still remains a great place for online booking software systems to keep chugging away I bet?:-).

New York with it’s incredible holiday season shopping is sure to be another Vacation hot spot, that is till Christmas and New Years as a top vacation rental. I bet people don’t rent any vacation homes, or their are no places that don’t offer online bookings, it’s the hotels or apartments to rent. I wonder is Boston or New England have any vacation rentals available this time of year? I did go to Cape Cod a year ago, and we rented a cabin for a week. I went their for my friends wedding in October, beautiful fall weekend. And the Inn owner did say that the vacation rental season for them really is the spring and summer.

Why are we talking so much about Vacation home rentals and vacation hot spots with the online bookings twist. Well, our friends are launching this amazing online booking software engine for vacation rentals. It will be private labeled to vacation rental websites and vacation hot spot websites have to be local, so we are going to high light a lot of these sites, and hot Vacation Rentals in the US, and around the globe. Think of us as the vacation rentals online booking source. The coolest thing about this project for me is, I get to get paid to write and Blog about stuff that I like and see on the Travel Channel. Bon Voyage!


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