Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to decide which Keywords to SEO?

How to Decide which keywords to SEO for?

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How to decide which Keywords to SEO?

Recently I have been trying to write the best SEO blogs content and popsts. I have been trying to think of a topic for days, the standard for my writing has to be getting higher. You have to forgive me, I may not have come up with anything unique or big time insight. But, being one of the worlds best SEO, #29 in Google for the keywords “SEO“, we are busy, and our goal is to give the simplest INSIGHTS. We are doing this to help you Blogcast your Brand, do SEO for your blogs, and grow your sales. choices-photo-blogWe call this process Internet Marketing 2.0.Before we do anything in SEO, we look at Keywords. We look at the SERPS, Search Engine Result Pages of the site within certain keywords of focus. We look at site structure, content and links, all of them with one thing in mind: KEYWORDS.

So how should you pick the most appropriate keywords to SEO for your business? Follow these simple steps:

1. The first thing to do is to go to Click on the Keyword tool in the middle of the page, and use this and only this for your keyword searches. Everything else is not important, Overture from Yahoo is totally off, we no longer support them, they also have too many technical issues.

2. Search for 1 or two words that desribe your business. For example for our friend/clients, they are in the Barter and Trade Exchange network for small business. But what they really do is help small business marketing for their members. They help small business trade and exchange by buying and selling in a professional barter network. So you want to look at all Barter related keywords, and SEO those words first. But, if ITEX already ranks high in Barter, and wants to expand, they may want to target and do keyword searches around small business marketing, which is the global category where Barter falls in to.

3. Look at Why people will choose your keywords? london-people-photo-blogSo for the previous example, look at why people Barter? Do they do it to be altruistic? No silly, they do it to sell their products and services. So they are looking to market their products, right? Right on, also who Barters big companies or small? Small right? So small business marketing becomes a global keyword to SEO for a Barter Network. Does this strategy makes sense, hope so.

4. Find Synonyms or search for ancillary keywords on too. This way you will not only cover your bases, but may find more traffic and more meaningful keywords. These SEO blogs are getting long, and it’s getting late. So we will start with next part and call it the Keywords series.

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