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From and MyTypes: AOL Buying Social Networking Site, and MyTypes plans one too?

AOL Buying Social Networking Site, and MyTypes plans one too?

This link below will take you to the recent news, and proves that Social networking is great for engagement marketing, and is all the craze that SEO was a few years ago, and yesterday. We think business social networking is also a category that is under served.

InternetNews Realtime IT News – AOL Buying Social Networking Site

Even without the big funding that major sites have, we have been focusing and growing our Social Networking site for bloggers and a blogging community as we call it. Last week, I started to hint that we are in the process of a launching a new exciting venture for the b2b, SEO, Search marketers, and B2b Marketing professionals. I never did say what it is that we are doing, but we had planned to let you know. And, here it is, we want to position our small but fast growing business social network, and position it for SEO professionals and B2B Marketing. We think it will be easy for us to position our business social networking site, just for the marketing, sales, SEO consultants, etc. This is not rocket science, and we did launch it last November.

The Wordpress blogging platform did not meet our business social networking needs, hence we launched with an open source platform, and have customized it greatly. You can visit this b2b, b2b marketing, SEO Consultants, and marketers of all sorts there. What’s nice about our platform is that it’s very democratic, the most recent people who are on our business social networking site show up on the front section. So the more people use it, the more exposure they get. We don’t mind certain people hanging out on the site all day. It’s just that they should have good content, or we will block them. It’s nice to have good spam control on our servers. So good job to AOL for making this strategic business social networking move. Here is a previous article our Blogging coach had written about social networks. We think Business social networks were just around the corner, as the space of LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Ryze were moving towards it, with the popularity of Facebook. These glorified contact management systems, did not want to be left behind.

Web 2.0 and You: Social Media Explained

Chances are you’ve heard the terms “web 2.0″, user-generated content, and social media networks being thrown around before, and you probably have a decent idea of what they mean (if not, check out my dictionary of blog related terms). However, you may not be sure how to use the social media networks for your business - to blogcast your brand, because blogging is the center of it all.2400-1000nasa-solar-system-posters.jpg

Think of your brand/business as a solar system - your blog is the sun, and the rest of the social media sites and applications as planets orbiting around it. You may have profiles on the other networks, videos on YouTube and photos on Flickr, and use social bookmarking sites like and digg, but it all revolves around your blog (be sure to put links to your blog in all your profiles, but you already knew that, right?).

There are two main forms of social media that can be quite useful for bloggers - networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, Linked In) and bookmarking sites (Stumble Upon, Reddit, and my personal favorite,

The networking sites are kind of self-explanatory; they are not that far removed from your actual network of friends, associates, and colleagues, except that they are virtual and you can see everyone else’s networks too. Besides the fact that it is simply convenient to have everyone’s profile info at your fingertips, these sites can also be useful when it comes to reconnecting with old colleagues and acquaintances, and for learning more about new friends. While you don’t need to maintain a presence on every social networking site on the web (you wouldn’t have time to do anything else!), it’s helpful to be involved in one or two that are popular in your business’s niche, e.g. fashion types with Iqons and anything music or entertainment related with Myspace.

Bookmarking sites are useful for bloggers in the both the promotional sense (having your content listed on the sites brings in readers) and in the personal sense - you can bookmark and tag your favorite sites and articles and access those bookmarks from anywhere, and if you work from multiple computers your bookmarks will be synched. I personally like to bookmark and tag any articles that would be good blog fodder, so bookmarking sites can help beat blogger’s block as well. Social bookmarking sites are also excellent tools because they enable you to check out what others in your niche are reading and what they thought of it. Popular forums can function in a similar fashion (be sure to put a link to your blog in your signature line!)

Last but not least, there is Technorati, the blog index that has become so much more. Technorati lets you see who has linked to your blog and how recently, what other sites they have linked to, who they have favorited, and so on. There’s also an authority ranking (how many sites have linked to a particular blog). It’s a good way to keep track of which bloggers are saying what, and how other bloggers are reacting to it.

The key idea to remember is that the social networks are a community - you have to participate, learn the mores, and in some cases, follow the rules (for example, many forums have certain codes of conduct and behavior, so check out the regulations before you jump in and post). Even if you’re a natural rebel, you have to learn the rules before you can break them. Like any other community, virtual or not, you have to learn to listen as well as speak.

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