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It really is about saving energy?

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It really is about energy saving heaters via Infrared heating

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As some of you know that we have been blogging for the last 3 weeks about our energy saving infrared heaters by Comfortzone heaters, which we believe are better than Edenpure heaters for some main reasons, but read below to learn about my experiences of saving energy bill via our Gas bill dropping by 30% last month.

Main Reasons: #1 our Infrared Heaters have a 3 Year Warranty, which is better than Edenpure heaters. #2 our Comfortzone Infrared heaters light bulbs last 4 times as long as the Edenpure Heaters. #3 our Infrared heaters are better than Eden pure heater because they have a digital thermostat, which changes via 1 degree versus low medium high. #4 reason why Edenpure heaters are not as good as our Infrared heaters is because our Comfortzone heaters are the best Infrared Heaters, because they are modular. Which means you can interchange parts such as Quartz light bulbs instead of replacing the whole unit. So why does Eden Pure Heaters still sell a ton of Quartz Portable Infrared Heaters? It’s marketing folks, and we have to thank them for it, they are good, and they spend a lot of money on them.

Now my personal Infrared heaters use and staying warm these days in Seattle. I wanted to give you my personal point of view of using these energy saving heaters and how my family is staying warm this cold winter. We started to use the Comfortzone heaters about 3 weeks ago, in our TV room. We placed the unit in a 200sqft room, facing towards a hallway, which goes through our kitchen. The room has 7 windows, a glass door, and a doggy door. We spend most of our time in this living room. It’s absolutely my favorite room in the house, it also has two couches facing each other. And, a TV in a corner with all the kids toys.

The ceilings are about 10ft with a rug on the floor, the Infrared heater, which I remind you is better than the Edenpure heaters because of that thermostat, that I care about the most, faces west. I usually sit next to eat, and the Infrared heater points at my feet, and keeps the whole room warm for hours, so much so that I have to open the doggy door just to cool the room. I feel so toasty and warm, in the past winters, we have always used our multiple blankets, even though we set our thermostat for 67-68, we feel cold in that room. Not this year folks, we have actually consistently dropped the thermostat to 64, and even shut it off while we run the infrared heater. The small unit, did I mention better than Edenpure heaters due to it’s sleek design seems like a composite plastic tough has saved us $60 reduction in our Gas Heating bill this month alone, that's in 3 out of 4 weeks alone. Wow, what a cool invention this energy saving heaters are, it’s keeping us warm this winter, and

As always this blog is sponsored by Our friends at are dealers of these top reviewed infrared heaters which are better than Edenpure heaters as mentioned above. But the story of my experiences are 100% accurate in my Seattle home. If you want to see a Edenpure vs Comfortzone Reviews click on the link and see a side by side comparison.


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