Saturday, October 04, 2008

Grilled Cheese Diet - Day 6-8

It's Saturday night, college football night and I have had a great day. I have walked twice, lifted weights today, for the 4th time in 8 days. I have eaten vegetarian 90% of the time. The only time I did not in the last 9 days has been unintentional. But, I did not stop my self either. I feel great, incredible actually. Why, I feel energetic, emotionally up and enthusiastic. Though I can say, that was not my feeling all week.

So what would I say is the reason for my healthy and energetic feeling? Well I have to say my Grilled Cheese diet. Have I really eaten any grilled cheese in all 8 days? Well yes, last saturday, I call them my Mexican grilled cheese, Quessadilla's. So what is "The Grilled Cheese diet" ? Its a vegetarian diet for the every day folks, hindu style meaning, no meat, no fish, but with dairly. And it's American style, because if you break the diet it's no big deal, just try to eat vegetarian 90% of the time.

For example, my wife went to a really nice restaurant the other day, and she brought her left over steak and fries back. The steak looked really good, so I had a bite. Only a bite, but I had all the fries. So I say taste the meat, if you love it. But try to eat mostly vegetarian or the diet won't work for you. You see in 2005 I lost about 50lbs on this vegetarian diet, and only to gain it back in late 2007 when I started to eat meat in most of meals. I also started to feel more tired and less energetic too.

It all started with a big meat based easter dinner. So if you choose to eat the 10% meat, which I don't recommend, you need to be careful. Don't get off the diet, if you have a weight problem, you need to cut fat, and most meat based diets are very high in saturated fats. Do try to replace the cravings with cheeses, nuts, ice cream. Did I just say ice cream, yes I did. Also, if you feel like it, eat potato chips too.

Your cravings will dramatically drop with a vegetarian diet. That is probably the number one reason you will eat less and your weight loss will be so fast. This is why really try not to eat meat at each meal. And, eat anything else you want, especially cheeses and Grilled Cheese sandwiches.


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