Friday, September 26, 2008

Eat fresh be green Day 1

Today is the first day of fresh new journey of the rest of my life. I decided to write a blog journal about my new weight loss plan that I came up with. I am trying this new diet of eating fresh and being Green. What makes this diet unique or new? Well keep reading, you will see some ancient secrets of centuries old, I will try to prove to see if they work in todays world, and especially in America.

How did all of this start? I weighed my self a few weeks ago, the scale came in at about 272lbs, the highest I have weighed in my whole life. I am only 6'0", medium built, and 39 years old. A professional high tech marketing guy with a family of two young kids and size 42" waist of khakis. The sad part is they barely fit, and I wasn't getting skinny. I needed to do some thing, and so I started to become a vegetarian, yes a veg as they call it, in my circles.

Either you are a veg or a non-veg, that is how East Indian's refer to themselves. Last time I was fullly a Veg, I had a waist of 36" and I weighed probably around 220lbs, that was just less then 2 years ago. Now, I had to do something. So I started being a veg 8 days ago, but the day I decided I will loose weight is today. Today is also the day, I brought out my weight and started my exercise routine. You see I walk fast for about 40-60mins a day, but that is just not enough to raise my metabolism. So I decided to start lifting light weights and eating better.

I am going to keep a journal of what I eat each day, how much, and how much I exercised, if at all. And, I will try to weigh my self every Sunday to see how I am doing. I will also try to share recipes, and how I came up to a Fresh and Green diet. Vegetarian diets, hindu style, meaning you can eat dairly, but no eggs, and no fish are by nature green. They are good for the environment as they consume less then 10x the energy that meat based diets do. I will try to get the exact source of this research, I heard that in a vegetarian cooking/life style club years ago. I am not going to count calories folks, just journal about what I eat, I always know if it is too much or too little and I have a feeling so do you.

Here is what I ate today:
1/2 bagel Pesto Organic, with Cream Cheese
1 full Americano Coffee
1 ft long Subway: Veggie Max
W/light mayonaise and ranch dressing
2 ounces of Peanuts: Snack
1 Cheese Quessadilla - home made
2 tablespoon of Humus
2 oz of Cashews

Here is where I screwed up:
2 beers
2 bowls of cereal (no wonder I feel full)


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