Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am a PC, and I Love It

I just saw the first "I am a PC" AD by Microsoft. Love it, hello! I liked the Seinfeld Ad's as I am of that generation. This new Ad is all about people, global, Multi-cultural people. Mac's are for boring people, yeah that's write, for wanna bee's.

I am drinking the coolade, but I am always honest, and can't ever like something, just for personal gain. This Ad was great, because it took on the Mac version of PC, and took it to the next level. It was incredible, had Bill Gates in it, and even Deepak Chopra. It had a lot of Individuals doing their creative and Individual and meaningul creative things. Take that MAC, you are soon to be passe`, yeah the Mac is Passe`, that's right, that is what I said.

Why? It's cool to be "PC", Mac's are boring, trying too hard to be cool. Reality is Windows is ALive! And, when they added Deepak Chopra and an African school teacher, they raised the bar, wow! Go Microsoft Go!


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