Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eat Fresh Be Green Day 2

Ok, we started this diet and weight loss Journal yesterday, and I can't believe I am writing to make it day 2 for "Eat Fresh be Green". What is the purpose of this weight loss blog? To journal thoughts and write down every item eaten at every meal for the day. It is not to count calories, I think the weight loss program has to be simple. And it just needs to be written down, and that is we need to do. By the way, there is no we. It's just me, the author, Vipin K. Singh. I do want to write down about my major workouts etc.

So Here is the meals list, and hardly any workout today, so nill in that department. I did eat these PGX pills, they are High Fiber pills to help with appetite control. Eaten with a glass of water, they do make you feel full fast.


1 grande Americano- Whole Mile day 2
1 cinnamon/carmel roll, ok it was Organic


Indian Vegetarin Buffet:
3 Samosa's crust only
1/2 Naan
1 cup lentils
1 cup Vegetable curry
1 cup Matar Paneer

2 tablespoons Cashews
1 LARGE Bowl of IceCream
1 bite Vege Corn Dog

Notes of how I felt, I felt full all day. I think the PGX pills really make you feel full. I felt terrible for not working out, should have done it early in the day.

I did work for a couple of hours in the morning, on the Marketing book, so that was good. But I feel bad for not walking, especially Logan and my self.
1 cup of home made Garlic Fries


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