Monday, September 22, 2008

This life needs a back up plan

mainly if you have people depending upon you, do you need a life insurance. As in our case, when my dad died, we did, and it came through for us. Enjoy this free blog from our Marketing Book and blogging platform:

Life Insurance on Google is too expensive, but not for Policy Holders
Rarely am I surprised by the CPC of a keyword, as I am the case with “Insurance” and “insurance quotes” and “life Insurance” keywords. Wow upwords of $30 a CPC. Google is only going to get more expensive. So it’s even more imperative that people spend in SEO and other types of advertising to get the targeted traffic. The thing is Google has a monopoly on search, and it’s not it’s fault that companies are willing to pay up to $30/click. All Google does is set auction environment, that more demand creates the price. So dear life insurance, insurance, and insurance quotes website owners/marketers, simply don’t bid over $10 and you will all collectively win. If you are patient, you will all save each other lots of money in your campaigns. But undoubtedly, someone will want to be #1, and you will again compete and over pay.
So what is a “life Insurance” or “insurance Quote” website owner to do? First thing first, advertise on MSN, and MS Live Search through the AdCenter platform, this will help you reduce your total cost per acquisition as MS is a lot cheaper, it also has decent traffic. Do the same with Yahoo too, I am from Seattle so I am going to favor MSN. For competitive and powerful keyword such as “life insurance” and “insurance quotes” you have to a multi-tier strategy of advertising on content sites, on display ad networks, and other online marketing channels well as offline. Why?
Research has shown that the mix of media, especially interactive media such as video tends to impact the buying decision a great deal. And for expensive keywords such as “life Insurance” and “insurance quotes” it’s important that the mix of media extends your rearch. Which will help with conversion rates, and than you can bid smaller amounts for lower position, and your brand will get recognized even more and you will save in overall CPC price.
The mix of media also increase exposure of ad to users, and repetition as we all know is the grand father of recall, which is the father of brand recognition, which is the power behind a brand credibility and ultimately leads to increase conversion and marketing effectiveness. We certainly, should learn our lessons from the insurance industry which pays too much for the keywords “life insurance” and “Insurance Quotes“. So don’t just take my word for it, read some of the research about the power of display and search advertising, and how both work well together, and do searches on mixed media and overall campaign optimization and effectiveness.
Now that I have done this analysis and finally added a topic of display advertising, been thinking about it too long. I have to thank the insurance industry for it’s “life insurance” and “insurance quotes“, both over priced keywords on Google. I watch a lot of television on the weekends as football is fun for me to follow. And, I can’t tell you how sick I am of the life Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Insurance quotes businesses. All State, Geico, Progressive, AIG, ING, HSBC, Mass Mutual, Northwest Mutual, give me a break, this company that company, you are all the same. Oh Yeah, I didn’t add State Farm to the mix, I actually am a beneficiary of a life insurance policy from State Farm, my Dad died over 19 years ago, and thank god my family had Life insurance. So folks, if you have kids or if you are any age over 18, you can never be too young or too old to buy life insurance.
My family got saved by it, my Mom would have had a terrible terrible time raising 3 kids, if we did not have a life insurance policy by State Farm, thank you State Farm. A lot of people just forget or don’t think about it, now imagine if something happens to you in an accident, and your kids are left with nothing but bills, and no life insurance policy. Do yourself a favor, get a life insurance policy. I don’t sell life insurance, I am speaking from experience, my family would have quite possibly become homeless, if my dad had not bought life insurance a few years before he passed away in 1989. **There is a disclaimer, we do SEO, and we are testing the of an Life Insurance website, so that is why all the links for the keyword Life Insurance are going to a particular site. I really had no idea, that I felt so strongly about life insurance, but a fathers death can get you a little emotional. Especially if you and your siblings were all teenagers, and your mom and your family were immigrants to a country.


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