Saturday, September 20, 2008

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What is the sure fire way to promote your business? Well, easy answer is to buy our marketing book, or to read our free blogs as often as you can, or to create a blog and blog often with a proper keyword strategy.

But on a more serious point, I say it’s to link up with strategic businesses that can help you get targeted traffic. I have always said SEO is slow, SEM is fast but expensive and strategic partnerships can pay off huge, if they benefit both partis. So go do a business development deal, share a revenue stream, and help each other promote your blog or business. What you thought, i was going to talk about link building for SEO and getting you to rank high? Sorry, already done that a few times, see the links to our previous blog posts on SEO and power of link aggregation for link popularity.

Here are our previous blog posts on and link building to promote your business, yes we have more strategies in our marketing book, do you think we are promoting it too much, well not really, just here this blog, and on all of our blogging pages. It is the greatest Internet Marketing book of all time:-), well may be not, but a good one.

Demystifing SEO link building, from

Posted by: admin on Saturday, 6th Sep, 2008

Ethical SEO way of getting thousands of Link in a week, PressReleases but how?

Posted by: admin on Wednesday, 27th Feb, 2008

How To Beat Blogger’s Block #5: Folksonomy Is Your Friend

Posted by: Blogging Coach on Monday, 13th Aug, 2007

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, And Neither Is A Fantastic Blog

Posted by: Blogging Coach on Tuesday, 31st Jul, 2007

Don’t Blog In A Vacuum

Posted by: Blogging Coach on Tuesday, 24th Jul, 2007

Three Things to Do Before You Click Publish (and One Thing to Do After)

Posted by: Blogging Coach on Tuesday, 3rd Jul, 2007

SEO for Bloggers: Off-Site SEO and the Social Media (Part 5 of 6)

Posted by: Blogging Coach on Wednesday, 27th Jun, 2007

SEO For Bloggers: Link Baiting For Fun and Profit (Part 3 of 6)

Posted by: Blogging Coach on Tuesday, 26th Jun, 2007

SEO For Bloggers: Link Building and Link Popularity (Part 2 of 6)

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