Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eat Vegetarian be Green, Days 3 - 4 - 5

So I did not Blog on the topics of my blog on Sunday and Monday night, don't really have a good escuse. Just that things happen, so I will blog about what I ate those two days. And, how I removed the pepporni of my Pizza tonight, though mostly unsuccessfuly. I also decided that I wanted to change the name of the blog series to eat vegetarian. Didn't know if I would remove fresh or not, but I think that is where I am going with it. I just changed the title, as I like the sound of it.

So here is my eats from what I remember, the key is to be conscious of eating what you want, not because of what you have to. And really go by your feelings, not descipline. Which may sound of the opposite of what you hear, and that is my true intentions.


Indian Buffet for lunch
Macaroni and Cheese for dinner
Ice Cream dessert

Half/Banana Bread
Lunch: Subway Footlong Veggie
Dinner: Thai food
2 beers
Kee Mao Noodle Tofu (half portion)
Red Curry - friend Tofu(half portion)
** wow that is a lot

1/2 piece of whole wheat bread
2 table spoons of Scrambled Eggs
Vegetarian Indian Buffet
Lentils, rice, samos..umph so good
1 cup of Potato Chips
6 small slices of frozen Pizza (with half peporinis remoced, will not try this again)
No Ice Cream tonight

Lessons: eat what you want, you will eat less, as I am. Also, eating vegetarian allows us to eat a lot more food for the same calories. Eating vegetarian food usually has more fiber which makes us feel full.


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