Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog baby blog for Internet Marketing Book

We just wrote this on our Free Blog and Create a blog platform, enjoy and while at it, why not buy our Internet Marketing Book?
blog baby blog.. and Top 10 Web Sites
I rankings for the keyword “SEO” have fallen from #11-#14 to #33 this week. Same with our other Major Keywords “Free Blog” from #8 to #11, “Create a blog” from #6 to #11. How can this be, I thought we wrote a marketing book on SEO and power of blogs? It bothers me a lot, because we claim to be SEO Experts, but has our traffic fallen dramatically or at all?
The answer to that question is no, but I am sure for those keywords it has dropped. One of MyTypes SEO and Free blog clients went back to #4 for “VRBO” so that is good news. But, one of the other clients “Website Design St. Louis” provider dropped to #14 from #6 for the keywords “web site design St. Louis“. What bothers me most is not our rankings, well for “Free Blog” and “Create a blog” do bother me, and actually so does “Wordpress SEO“. But other keywords, i can deal with. So back to what can we do about it. Blog, silly blog. It’s not Drill baby drill, it’s blog baby blog. If you don’t write on your content, your traffic will drop, so will your SEO rankings. Do check out this and all of our tips in our Marketing book, and keep up on my new Internet Marketing 2.0 free blog on
We have been looking at “Web Design” stuff lately and wanted to share this article from Imediaconnection:
Here is a quick summary, but go to the link above to read the full thing and check out the pictures of these great websites too:
Published: September 17, 2008

10 killer websites worth watching
By Nanette Marcus
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A quality website is more than just a pretty homepage. But what exactly does it take to keep consumers coming back for more?
We asked brand marketers to share one of the sites they’re most proud of, along with one they wish they’d done. They highlight some of the tricks of the trade and what catches their critical eyes. They point out what’s unusual and effective about each site and how it fits into and complements the overall brand strategy, in addition to how the site could be improved.
Find out what your brand could learn from these 10 sites.


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