Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Life On A Pier: Small Business Tip #4 by Vipin Singh

Go ahead and this blog on Small Business Tip #4, how to get over lying ex-clients or ex-staff or any other business partner. We are the blogging people as you know, but we have maintained for Online Markeplace pace amusement park photo blog since day one that we want to help small businesses with their SEO and blogging platform to help them blogcast their brand. All businesses should be focused on getting profitable clients and reducing costs. Reducing their cost is such a personal lifestyle taste matter, we can’t really help them. We can help with an online b2b marketplace and eMarketing, and also by providing the best blogging tools. We also provide writing advice as this seo blog and providing free blog templates for Wordpress Themes. So lots of good Karma being earned here.

My Life On A Pier: Small Business Tip #4 by Vipin Singh

Blog with your Brand in the title of the blog post, just like what I did. Just so you know we started to write this series of small business blogs last Friday, to help the entrepreneurs triumph over liars and cheaters who say bad things about them. In our case it was a disgruntled ex-friend of ours, Fun pic for online marketlaces photo blog who has attacked our company and lied maliciously to hurt our company. We don’t mind admitting our mistakes and having gone through financial difficulties, name an entrepreneur or any small businesses who has not? What we don’t like is liars and nasty people, how do you deal with Liars and cheats? That is the same question someone asked on an eBay blog, and I tell you it’s a problem dealing with bad people. Tell us about your challeneges with these people hurting your brand, and we will blogcast about how wonderful you are. My guess is that any small business still around, has an entrepreneur who has made it so, and if they weren’t ethical, they wouldn’t be around.So bad people, stop bad mouthing small business owners and businesses, the spirit of Entrepreneurship will keep on keeping on, and we will be blogging about it to help anyone who needs it! How can you spread the good word on your businesses?

First thing is to write blogs on popular blogging platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress, and of course the 860803_roller_coaster-karma_ride-photo-blog.jpg best community blogs @ We actually have great articles on Blogging right there on the front page, and we do really well for SEO and are great to rank your blogs high on Google. Second, get the truth out and don’t be afraid to tell your side, but never fuel their fire of hate or lies, stay positive. We want to make sure that the whole marketplace of your industry knows that you are good people, especially the online marketplace needs to help the hard working entrepreneurs! Third, blog often but always add some value to your readers. Staying positive, asking forgiveness if you made mistakes, and spreading good karma will go a long way.

Online markeplace or traditional small business marketing, it doesn’t matter where your local businesses work or play. 870549_roller_coaster_at_the_fair_online-marketplaces-photo-blog.jpg What matters is that you provide more value than you get from your clients. Long term success always depends on having raving fans, and we certainly do at Just like us, one or two rotten apples can’t wreck the bunch. So look the other way, but blogging about your businesses products and services and talking about how you helped your clients in great testimonials, that will only help you weather the tough times.

So go ahead and blog your way to the top, and keep us your blogging friends in your social network and spread the word about our community blogs. Enjoy!


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