Monday, January 21, 2008

My Life On A Pier: #3 being Nice, by Vipin Singh of

I wrote this blog yesterday, so this one is a little older, the one for today will come out tonight. I don’t know Banch Benice Online Marketplace photo blog how to catalog these small business inspirational blogs, but I guess since we are the blogging people, we will figure this out.

My Life On A Pier: #1 Key to success–being Nice, by Vipin Singh of

There is nothing worse than a whining looser, or an ungracious winner. While I love and appreciate the under dog, as I rooted for the Giants yesterday, I am always looking for a champion with gracious attitude. I do find that so many of the winners actually are nice and grateful people. In my experience of watching almost all championship matches, I have seen many more nice people than mean and selfish whiners I will call them.

Why is it important to be a nice person, that is being genuienly kind, rather than being a politically correct polite person. Kindness serves beautiful people on way to marketplace Some of you know that I live in Seattle, a place I call very polite, but not necessarily nice. People from other parts of the country, usually comment on this Seattle trait. Jill my wife and I were shocked at the lack of kindness, and often selfish/self centeredness of this rainy depressed city. We came from Minnesota, a place known for it’s compassion and kind nature. The Minnesota nice is actually a genuine caring kind, and a lot of people from Minnesota and Wisconsin have settled here, so there is plenty of kindness.

You see being nice does not mean being a push over at all. women emotional for online marketplace photo blog Some times being nice actually requires having courage enough to do the right thing, and be a little angry, but in a compassionate way. So be honest, be kind, conflict is ok, but try to be graceful and kind. Being nice means often to do the compassionate unselfish thing. I find that no great person ever succeeded alone, especially in business and politics. We need each other, especially if we are going to accomplish something significant. Usually successful people want to help others, and they are looking for the leaders of tomorrow to nurture and show the way. Being nice to all people is just One Of The Most Important Ways to get their attention.

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