Monday, January 21, 2008

Online Marketplaces

I just wrote this on my personal blog and small business blogs about the upcoming launch of our small business marketplace.

just to let you all know what Keith and I are up to, we are building the world best online market place, hopefully better than eBay, well that is quite a feat, but if we don’t shoot for the stars, how will we get there. We want to be known for small business community, not just auctions, that is what we care about. So we want to be exactly like what someone said last summer, a MySpace for businesses. So I guess we will keep blogging till we hit the tipping point, which we have not done yet. Go, go go, for your dreams!

Here is the blog from our small business blogs section:

Online Marketplaces

January 21st, 2008 at 07:28 pm by Admin in Barter Items

What makes the best online marketplace? First and foremost it has to have the most online visitors and actual buyers. That is the true power of a Craigslist and eBay, I don’t like the Seattle based eCommerce company as much so I am not even going to list it. Sorry all those friends who work there, but your store, as i will call it, is not half as good as other online marketplaces such as eBay. Staying on the positive track, the online market place must have easy to use tools to buy and sell products and services. Most sellers don’t mind paying to sell, they just want easy to use selling tools. That is where most marketplaces fall, not just online marketplaces. We hope to build these tools from the start. We commended eBay for building free blogs for their small business members, but offering free blogs, that is amazing that they are trying to build an online community blogs too. Way to Go Overstock, but we hope to be a better small business marketing source through our friends ITEX the bartering system: The free blog below is from our SEO blogs section where we offer free Wordpress templates which are Seo blog templates.

Capitalism makes the world go around, we all get that don’t we? Yes, as we all need goods and services, a marketplace usually provides that doesn’t it. How and why you ask, and why are we talking about it here? Well it’s simple really, we are about to build the best business online market place, and as part of the ITEX barter network and bartering system, we already have 24,000 small business members. So what really is a traditional marketplace and are people searching for on an online Marketplace? Yes, and they are doing it with keywords, for not just places like Pike’s market, or San Francisco China market. They are searching for items for sale, by searching for keywords “For Sale”. We talk a lot about SEO here, so I have to add a thing or two to it.

A full fledged SEO keyword analysis helped us get to the fact that there is much more to the word Marketplaces than meets the eye. For online market places, people now days think of Craigslist, but New York times has a market place of classified ads, and so does every single news paper in the country. Hong Kong Not-online-Marketplace Photo for blog from So that means that every single local city has a market place through their neighborhood news papers. Now days, most of them are going on the web to create an online market place. All of which makes it easier for people to buy and sell goods and services, and our niche will be the online market place for small businesses.

Why are we setting up, yet another online marketplace you ask? Companies like Craigslist and all the other free directories are not professional enough, and quality of it’s vendors is dramatically prone to fraud and scams. On the other hand companies like eBay and Amazon charge too much for their online marketplace, and don’t provide personal service. Many small businesses can go broke trying to sell on right before Christmas marketplace rush for photo-blog-from these marketplaces. Than there are the yellow pages directories and business pages directories, they are wonderful because they are usually local. But, they have been terrible at providing adequate technology and tools. So what would you get if you combined MySpace with Blogging from Blogger with eBay with your local yellow pages? Hopefully you understand that the Online Marketplace of ITEX bartering small business blogs powered by is a powerful combination. There we have 30 categories of products and services from Accommodations and travel to Telecommunications and Transport. We hope to provide small businesses all the technology tools that they ever need on this online marketplace, and hopefully we will keep the service free if not very low cost.


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