Friday, January 11, 2008

The team at did it, cross rings are here

Our friends at have just launched the cross jewelry collection! What does that mean you say? Well, it actually means the first product of this designer jewelry collection the cross rings are ready for sale. Jill Brahms is such an awesome silver jewelry designer, and I think her blog is going to get huge accolades.

Designer Silver Jewelry Sighting: Sharon Stone

Author: Loverelic January 4th, 2008

Sharon Stone Lakers game silver cross jewelry silver necklace Sharon Stone Lakers game silver cross jewelry silver necklace close

Earlier this week, Sharon Stone was spotted donning a great example of everyday silver cross jewelry at the Lakers vs. Boston Celtics game. We love her casual silver cross necklace. It looks like it is heavily oxidized (blackened) silver. This process usually involves taking the silver piece and heating it up with a torch to oxidize the metal. The end result is that the normally very white sterling silver turns darker, which basically speeds up the tarnishing process. There are other ways to oxidize silver, such as painting Fungicide directly on the silver. Yes, the kind people use on plants. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Sharon has had a thing for cross jewelry lately, and she has been spotted all over with them, particularly the cross necklaces.

We at LoveRelic are very excited to be debuting our new line of silver cross necklaces soon. We promise, they are unlike anything you have ever seen!


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