Monday, January 07, 2008

Can you believe that 60% or more small business don't have a website?

I can totally believe it, but guess what, business is still done the old fashioned way. If you don't understand that, you are maybe delusional, read on sir!

Not every small business has or needs a website

Remember just because you are techy, doesn’t mean every one else is. A lot, I would say the majority of the business about 60% or more happens without any online interaction or websites at all. How can that be? I am not going to sit here an explain that, but my friend Steve who we quote below mentioned to me today that 15% of all transaction of Walmart are all Cash only, and did you know that 20% of American’s don’t have bank accounts? I am willing to bet that 60% of all small business don’t have a website? Most business happens the old fashioned way, hard work and mouth to mouth and in person, so make sure you remember that when you want to work smarter online. People like interaction and communications, that is why Social networking is such a big phenomenon.

I recently started writing more focused blogs not just on SEO or blogging and Internet Marketing 2.0. A few months ago, I started to write about small business marketing, as we have been focused on business blogs and small business blogs. Why? When we created blogging platform,

my wife asked me “What is a blog?”. I realized back than, that most small business marketing people don’t know about SEO, fact is, they didn’t even know about blogging. Most successful small business people or most people in any major business community,

don’t get the connection of SEO and Blogging. So that is why the article below on small business marketing makes sense to print here not just in our small business blogs section. Enjoy the blog below, it does make sense, and bartering may be new to some of you folks but it’s been around professionally for a long time.

Barter, blogs, and websites for small businesses?

January 7th, 2008 at 08:28 pm by Admin in Barter Items, Small Business Marketing, Social Media Networks

Why do small businesses barter? That is the ultimate question, and which we got the answer from Steve White the CEO of ITEX, the Bartering site, barter network and trade exchange with 24,000 small businesses as it members. The first reason he said is that they join a professional trading community, which is interested in growing their business. Second is that they instantly get exposure to the members via the online marketplace of members barter items listings and membership directory. Third, they save cash and get a currency that helps them save their cash and grow their small business. Now we know that to get maximum exposure to your barter items, the small business needs to join a large trade exchange or barter network, and Steve reminds us that ITEX is the largest Barter Network in the US and Canada. After talking with Steve for a few minutes you will quickly realize that he is focused man with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. And, you understand that he is determined to help small business people. people small business photo blog from sxc.huSteve said today the passion comes from the desire to help people live the life of their dreams.

I heard very similar comments from a very successful business person last year, this guy is worth well over $100M and helped to start companies as large as Starbucks ( Starbucks was a small business by the way at some point wasn’t it? ). Steve mentioned that having a million members is just not enough, we have to help small business succeed. I couldn’t agree any more, and it’s not just about barter and trade exchanges, it’s our goal to create the world’s most successful small business community. That is why since our first week of blogging, we have said “Blogcast your brand”, and as much as possible we want to be about free blogs, business blogs, and small business marketing. It just happens that ITEX is in the Bartering business, and it’s barter network has the largest collection of barter items in the world.

So what is the goal of our small business blogs? To help you provide small business marketing help, internet marketing help, Seo Blogs help, and blogging tips to help you rank high on search engines and gain more business. That is why we spend so much of our time talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization–getting ranked high on Google), and Blogs and blogging with the proper keywords. small business women for photo blogs from There is no better way to help you promote your business than to help you with blogging tips and that is why on the front page of our site we have so many blogging and seo coaching tips. I want to hammer this message home, again and again and again, it’s real simple blogging = SEO = Higher rankings on Google and means more customers for your small business.

So what is the #1 thing we can help small business with? We can help them with getting more customers!

How do we do that?

We do this via our free blogs and blogging platform @ which has SEO built in to it. Well, we also help you with Bartering and help you sell you barter items in our barter online marketplace at ITEX which has 24,000 small business members in it’s small business community.

Do we help you save cash, and reduce costs? We at provide free blogs, all you have to do is just keep blogging. ITEX does a better job of this because of Bartering and it’s ability to provide you a cashless marketplace. Thanks all and stay tuned, small business help is coming your way!


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