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Small Business success via barter article

Hi I just wrote this in our small business blogs area, didn't want to write all over again, enjoy!

If you read our announcement yesterday and PR newswire it all makes sense to you now, doesn’t it. The whole writing about small business blogs and success has actually been a theme since we started blogging in May on But, the Bartering and small business community is for the ITEX marketplace aspect. Here is the article, I just found at MS on Barter, and wrote on our small business blogs, enjoy!

Small Business Community, Barter Network & Marketplace

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Some of you have by now figured out that for the last few weeks we have been working with ITEX the Barter Exchange & Barter Network. Small Business success depends on growing sales and keeping costs down. We have also been talking about blogcasting your brand since day one. We think a professional business community can help you achieve this. We have also been on the look out for great Bartering articles, why? Because we know that we all want to grow our sales. So we have been analyzing the barter business and the barter and trade industry, to quantify it’s value and to help small businesses. We are tasked to grow the online registration and our objective is to grow the business community of ITEX with our online marketplace strategies. Yesterday we announced in PR Newswire that ITEX is partnering with for our small business blogs help, and investing in our company, the Press Release is bit too long, so this blog post now will be too long, look for another post on the announcement of why the and ITEX partnership makes sense for you the small business blogs reader:-). We are now, 15% owned by ITEX Barter system and also joined the Barter Network.

I learned from our local Seattle Broker, that I can trade for a trip to Bahamas, she is going in 2 weeks. Gosh, I wish I could get away, the Seattle rain is driving me away. It’s not just us, talking about all businesses benefiting from Barter, here is a great article by Microsoft Small Business on Bartering.

Bartering can boost your budget and business

Microsoft Small Business Center


Joseph Anthony is a tax professional in Portland, Ore., who writes about finance and tax issues affecting small businesses. Send Joseph an e-mail .

By Joseph Anthony
Every year, companies transact billions of dollars worth of business without money ever being transferred from one account to another. There’s no cooking of the books going on here.

Companies big and small are using barter to sell and purchase goods and services. When someone first told me that barter was big business, I flashed on a vision of store houses piled high with pukka shells and trading beads. The reality couldn’t be further from that image.

More efficient, better cash flow

In the simplest form of retail barter, a business that trades a dollar’s worth of product or services to another business would get a dollar of “credit.” That credit then can be used to purchase goods or services from other companies in the barter system. The exchange companies help expand barter beyond a direct trade between two entities, allowing literally thousands of businesses to indirectly trade with one another. Please go to their site link Microsoft Small Business Center to read further.

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